Silver Doctor – Trout Wet Flies

#10 Silver Doctor Wet Flies

These Silver Doctor wet flies were tied for a custom order of fishing flies. They are tied on Mustad #10 style 3399 Sproat Bend wet fly hook. (the phone number on the card is no longer current).

I used my version of component variations for the wing (posted elsewhere on this site, and incidentally the same used on the Silver Doctor in my second wet fly DVD, Advanced Classic Wet Flies. Here is a link to the product page on where this DVD may be purchased:  All orders placed on are personally received and processed by me.

I also changed the usual tail of golden pheasant crest to yellow hackle fibers because it’s easier to use on small hooks. Here is the recipe, ingredients are listed in order of tying sequence:

Silver Doctor

Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0 #56 Red

Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Tail: Yellow hackle fibers

Tip:  Red floss

Rib: Oval silver tinsel

Body:  Silver tinsel

Hackle: Mixed guinea fowl and blue

Wing: Duck wing quill married in order from top down, except for the guinea: Brown, guinea fowl wing quill, red, blue, yellow.

Head: Red thread, also lacquered with red

The Silver Doctor was one of Pennsylvania author Jim Bashline’s favorite night flies.

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