Custom-framed Don Bastian Wet Flies

Custom-framed Don Bastian wet fly and wild Adirondack brook trout photo. Barry Mill, owner of Sawdust and Stitches, did the custom framing.

This photo is of a framed combination of an Adirondack brook trout with a selection of traditional wet fly patterns selected by my customer. The framing was done by Barry Mill, owner of Sawdust and Stitches, a custom framing business  in south-central Pennsylvania. Barry is a fly tier and fisherman, and also does a very nice job of custom framing.

Left to right the patterns are:

Parmacheene Belle, Cahill, Cowdung, Colonel Fuller, Scarlet Ibis, Pink Wickhams, and Fontinalis Fin. They are tied on vintage Mustad 3399 size #6 Sproat Bend wet fly hooks.

5 comments on “Custom-framed Don Bastian Wet Flies

  1. leeannrr09 says:

    I am an avid fly fisherman and fly tier. I wish to frame some flys and give them to my boyfriend to hang in his “man cave.” Any chance you can tell me the type of frame used in this photo?

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Leeann;
      That frame was done by another framer, a friend named Barry Mill. I think he’s still in business, in South-central PA. Mounting flies generally needs a frame with some depth. I prefer to mount the flies suspended off the back mat board. Thanks for your interest in my blog and for your comment!

  2. leeannrr09 says:

    thank you

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