The Guinea Blue Bottle Wet Fly

The Guinea Blue Bottle Wet Fly

Guinea Blue Bottle

Tail: Black hen hackle or schlappen fibers

Rib: Silver tinsel

Body: Light blue floss

Hackle: Black hen or schlappen fibers

Wing: Guinea Fowl

This pattern is simply the old Blue Bottle wet fly with the alteration of changing the light slate wing to Guinea Fowl. I have a fondness for any wet fly pattern using guinea fowl in the wing, or even in the tail, as on the Fletcher, one of my favorites. The Fletcher is an unremarkable pattern except for the tail; it has a palmered grizzly hackle, mottled turkey wing, black floss body, and silver tinsel tip. Its tail sports married sections of red, yellow, and guinea fowl – which just makes it stand out as stunningly attractive.

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