Wet Flies in Riker Mount

Royal Coachman, Marlow Buzz, Rich Widow, Sassy Cat, Captain, & Fiery Brown

These traditional wet fly patterns are placed in a Riker Mount display box. This photo was taken through the glass top of the case. The pattern recipes are:

Royal Coachman

Tip: Gold tinsel (if desired). I always add the tinsel tip.

Tail: Golden pheasant tippet

Ribbing: None

Body: Peacock herl, scarlet floss center

Hackle: Brown. This hackle is tied as a collar after the wing. Many of the wet fly patterns in the book, Favorite Flies and Their Histories, 1892, by Mary Orvis Marbury, were hackled in this manner.

Wing: White

Marlow Buzz

Tip: Gold tinsel

Tail: None

Ribbing: None

Body: Peacock herl

Hackle: Brown furnace

Wing: None

Rich Widow

Tip: Gold tinsel

Tail: Yellow quill sections

Hackle: Yellow tied palmer

Ribbing: Gold tinsel

Body: Light blue floss

Wing: Black

The Rich Widow is one of the patterns demonstrated in my first DVD, Tying Classic Wet Flies.

Sassy Cat

Tip: None

Tail: Scarlet quill sections

Ribbing: None

Body: Peacock herl

Hackle: Yellow

Wing: Yellow with scarlet cheek


Tip: None

Tail:  Scarlet and yellow married

Ribbing: None

Butt: Peacock herl

Body: White floss

Hackle: Brown

Wing: Slate

Fiery Brown

Tip: Gold tinsel

Tail: Crimson quill sections

Ribbing: None

Body: Fiery brown wool

Hackle: Brown

Wing: Brown