Silver Doctor Wet Flies

Silver Doctor, recipe from Just Fishing by Ray Bergman – 1932

Silver Doctor Wet Fly – close up detail

Silver Doctor Wet Fly

Silver Doctor Wet Fly on wooden floss spool

Silver Doctors in the House

This pattern is taken from Ray Bergman’s first book, Just Fishing, 1932.

2 comments on “Silver Doctor Wet Flies

  1. […] fly – a fly that did not match anything found in nature.  Perhaps the first trout to take your Silver Doctor wet fly, breathlessly purchased from the Spring Edition of the Cabelas catalogue when you were 14 […]

  2. Paul Goodwin says:

    Dear Don,
    I am currently writing a book about my father Gordon Goodwin who was in the Pathfinders, Bomber Command in WW2.He trained in Canada as did many Australians with RAAF.
    While in Montreal in early 1940’s he talked of going fishing for salmon using a Silver Doctor Wet Fly. I have included this in my story. I wish to include this fly in a montage picture for the front cover of the book.
    Would it be possible to ask you to make one for me and send to Australia?

    It is magnificent. Tell me how much it would cost and also postage. Also how best to pay you.

    My name and address are: Paul Goodwin
    54 Owen St.,
    Lindfield, Sydney
    New South Wales 2070

    The fly in question is three photos up from this “leave a reply”.
    Have looked on myflies website but cant find you, also using chillitech email but with no success.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards,

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