Nameless and Lady Gray Variation

I tied these two patterns, 1/2 dozen of each for a fly shop – customer – where I have previously taught fly tying classes. They  were sold to Fishing Creek Angler in Benton, Pennsylvania. The shop owner told me they are for a customer in Scotland Yard. The hooks are Mustad 3399 size #8. The dressing for the Lady Gray normally calls for a tail of barred wood duck, but the customer specified yellow.

Nameless and Lady Gray - variation with yellow tail instead of barred wood duck

Nameless 1/2 dozen size #8

Lady Gray - variation

Nameless size #14 on wooden spool

Lady Gray - variation, size #14

Nameless - size #14 on tying table

Size #14 wet flies

These are some smallish wet flies I recently tied up. They are dressed on Mustad size #14 3399 Sproat Bend hooks. I made every effort to maintain the details of the recipes. I have never actually tied up these patterns in this small size before. The heads on these flies are a bit large for the hook and fly size proportions, but the overall length of the fly is about 1/2″. The married tails consist of two barbs, and the wing stripes on the Colonel Fuller and the Trout Fin also consist of two barbs.

#14 Wet Flies Circling a Lincoln Cent

Size #14 Colonel Fuller

#14 Ibis and White

#14 Orange Ibis - an original pattern I designed after the Scarlet Ibis

#14 Pink Lady - wet version of George LaBranche's favorite dry fly

#14 Trout Fin - one of six known historic brook trout fin wet flies

#14 Yellow Sally