Something wet fly…

There are numerous variations between the painted flies in Ray Bergman’s books, and the written recipes in the back. I have always been curious about this fly, the Something, for its differences between the color plate painting and the written recipe. As far as I’m concerned the fly is correct when tied either way. But the macro-image of the painting clearly reveals a difference from the recipe. So here it is. This is the revised pattern recipe:

Tip:     Gold tinsel

Tail:    Golden pheasant tippet

Ribbing: Gold tinsel

Body: Black floss

Hackle: Black

Wing: Green, scarlet, purple, yellow, purple, orange – married

Something wet fly - color plate painting from Ray Bergman's book, Trout (1938), by Dr. Edgar Burke

The recorded wing recipe in Trout

Something - six-strip wing as in the painting - green, red, purple, yellow, purple, orange

2 comments on “Something wet fly…

  1. CD says:

    Don, that really is something! Stunning fly.

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