The Ray Bergman Collection by Don Bastian

I am very pleased to announce the start of a huge project that I feel very fortunate to be part of. I must say I am also humbled by the continuation of my involvement with this subject.

The Online section of Hatches Magazine has just begun placement of the entire collection of the wet flies from Ray Bergman’s books. There is a link on this site page to the right of your screen, under Hatches Magazine, that opens this web-page. This collection begins with a feature article that I researched and wrote as an introduction, and the fly patterns beginning with the wet flies on Plate No. 1 in Trout, are posted with links to view the photos, recipes, and related information. Another nice feature is that all the fly patterns will be numbered in addition to any alphabetical corrections.

This project began on September 13, 2010, with the first ten patterns. Each week or so another ten wet flies will be added to expand this collection. The completed posting of the entire collection of flies and recipes will take approximately one year.

Each fly was tied and photographed by me and is shown with its tying recipe, plus there are scattered revisions, and in some cases, rather detailed fly tying notes and comments throughout. When finished this collection will contain 483 wet flies, all selected from Ray Bergman’s three books: Just Fishing (1932), Trout (1938, 1952, 1978, 2000), and With Fly, Plug, and Bait (1947).

For more information click the link and read the introductory article. Thank you for your visitation to my site!

Riffle King and Riffle Queen Wet Fly

The Riffle King and Riffle Queen are two original wet fly patterns I designed in July. I created them for my brother who went to Montana on a fishing trip. Like the Silver Drake, neither is a fancy wet fly but rather, they were created to be fished. I drew inspiration from the Holberton wet fly for the body design. That fly has peacock herl on the front half of the body.

I used peacock herl for the front ½ of the body and tinsel for the rear 1/2 on both of these patterns. Neither of them is complex or hard to tie. The Riffle King has an abdomen of silver tinsel and the Riffle Queen has gold tinsel on the rear ½ of the body. Both have design similarities and also some differences.

These flies and the Silver Drake were originally posted on the classicflytying forum. Sorry I have no macro photos but I was in a hurry to get these flies in the mail.

The recipes are:

Riffle King

Thread: Black Danville Flymaster 6/0

Hook: Standard wet fly hook, #6 t0 #10

Tag: None

Tail: Guinea fowl wing quill sections

Ribbing: None

Body: Rear ½ silver tinsel, front ½ peacock herl

Hackle: Brown partridge, wound as a collar

Wing: Dark brown

Head: Black

Riffle Queen

Thread: Black Danville Flymaster 6/0

Hook: Standard wet flt hook, sizes #6 – #10

Tip: None

Tail: Red hackle fibers

Ribbing: None

Body: Rear ½ gold tinsel, front ½ peacock herl

Hackle: Speckled brown hen (back), wound as a collar

Wing: Slate

Head: Black

Riffle King (left) and Riffle Queen on the right

Silver Drake Wet Fly

The Silver Drake is an original wet fly pattern that I designed in July. It is not a complicated pattern. My line of thinking was that some original wet flies ought to be simpler, basically plain flies as opposed to what were known as ‘fancy flies’ back in the old days. Also there is probably a tendency for fly tyers creativity to run toward more colorful flies. These photos are not the best and I apologize for not having a macro, but I hope you get the idea.

The recipe is:

Silver Drake – Don Bastian original wet fly

Tip:              None

Tail:             None

Ribbing:      Claret floss

Body:            Silver tinsel

Hackle:         Yellow

Wing:     Olive dyed gray mallard


The Silver Drake is on the right next to the Yellow Coachman