Advanced Classic Wet Flies DVD

Advanced Classic Wet Flies DVD

Don Bastian – author

Ø       Advanced Classic Wet Flies is the follow-up DVD to Tying Classic Wet Flies. This DVD introduces an original, proprietary material-handling method for quill wings and tails. This technique was developed by Don Bastian in January 2005 (after the release of Tying Classic Wet Flies) and was never published anywhere prior to the release of this DVD. This easy-to-learn procedure greatly simplifies the preparation, handling, and construction of wing quill and shoulder strip married and single-section wings and tails, and can be used in any fly tying process requiring quill wings and tails. This new method eliminates left or right confusion, significantly increases efficiency, minimizes material handling, and drastically reduces the difficulties often associated with assembly of wing quills and tails, particularly married sections. On occasion I have humorously called this technique, “Married Wings for Morons.”

Ø       This DVD presents detailed step-by-step information that allows viewers to watch, understand, and learn the methods and techniques required to construct single section and married-wing trout flies that can be displayed in a frame or successfully fished in your favorite waters.

Ø       Advanced Classic Wet Flies features the following patterns:

o         Gold Stork

o         Watson’s Fancy

o         Ferguson

o         Belgrade

o         Sabbatus

o         Silver Doctor

Ø       The Silver Doctor pattern demonstrated in the DVD is Don Bastian’s variation of the wing; using wing quill sections instead of the more difficult and more delicate flank and goose shoulder feather assortment. It was inspired by commercially-tied Silver Doctor wet flies in the Maine Guide Fly Shop.

Ø       The Ferguson introduces married wings using turkey and goose shoulder. The Gold Stork features bronze mallard wings and a golden pheasant tippet tail. Various techniques are presented and detailed in the additional patterns.

Ø       Don Bastian has been tying flies since age 12. He has over 750 flies in the book Forgotten Flies. Classic wet flies are his passion but he is experienced in a wide range of styles and techniques.

Ø       Advanced Classic Wet Flies was released in August 2007 and runs one-hour 52 minutes. (Interesting that it is exactly the same length to the minute as my first DVD). Check these times against other fly tying DVD’s on the market; many are less than or not much longer than one hour.

Ø       In addition to my new wing quill handling technique several other tactical improvements developed since the release of Tying Classic Wet Flies in 2004 are presented.

Ø      Filmed by Bennett-Watt Entertainment in Hi-Def with three cameras as part of their New Hooked on Fly Tying Series DVD’s. This DVD features incredible close-up images throughout the tying sequences. Nothing is left to your imagination. The filming was done by Kelly and Jim Watt, of Issaquah, Washington; both are fly tiers with experience in filming, editing, and producing great fly tying DVD’s.

Cost: $25.00 US plus shipping. for ordering information.

Advanced Classic Wet Flies - Signed Disc

Advanced Classic Wet Flies DVD front cover

2 comments on “Advanced Classic Wet Flies DVD

  1. Lou DiGena says:


    I just found your blog and love it. I’ll be posting a link from my blog I hope to see you at one of the shows.

    A.K.A Fly and Fin

  2. Don Bastian says:

    Lou – thank you for the link on your blog! Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment…better late than never!

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