Traditional Streamers and Bucktails DVD

Traditional Streamers and Bucktails DVD

Don Bastian – Author

Ø       Traditional Streamers and Bucktails, released in August 2007, is an instructional fly tying DVD presenting techniques for tying traditional New England style streamer flies.

Ø       Don Bastian demonstrates each pattern step-by-step from start to finish, sharing his fly tying experience while teaching and explaining the topics of material selection, preparation, application, proportions, construction, durability, and finishing techniques for these beautiful and historic flies.

Ø       This collection of patterns and intrinsic methods will inform and educate fly tying hobbyists and students with basic and advanced knowledge, skills, and techniques to construct traditional streamers and bucktails. The application of these methods will help to improve your tying of other types of streamer flies.

Ø       Don Bastian has 47 years of fly tying experience and 26 years of fly tying instruction. He has approximately 265 traditional streamers and bucktails in a wide variety of styles published in the book Forgotten Flies. Photographic examples of some of these flies with recipes can be found at the Complete Sportsman website,

Ø       Patterns in this DVD are:

o         Black Ghost

o         Barnes Special

o         Footer Special

o         Supervisor

o         Gray Ghost

o         Mickey Finn

Ø       Filmed by Bennett-Watt Entertainment in Hi-Def with three cameras as part of their New Hooked on Fly Tying Series DVD’s. This DVD features incredible close-up images throughout the tying sequences. Nothing is left to your imagination. The filming was done by Kelly and Jim Watt, of Issaquah, Washington; both fly tiers with experience in filming, editing, and producing great fly tying DVD’s.

Cost: $25.00 US plus shipping. for ordering information.

Traditional Streamers and Bucktails Disc

Traditional Streamers and Bucktails DVD - front cover

Gray Ghost, Supervisor, Barnes Special, Black Ghost, Footer Special, Mickey Finn. These are the six patterns taught from start to finish with detailed instructions in my DVD. Dressed on Gaelic Supreme Size #1 8x long hooks.

One comment on “Traditional Streamers and Bucktails DVD

  1. Superb!!! Why don’t I know about your site. Must be age. Anyway, beautiful streamers. I tie so will do my best to do these the correct way. Fish up in Maine quite a bit. Will be back. Thanks again,
    Mike Roe

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