Silver Doctor – Just Fishing pattern version


Silver Doctor #6


Silver DoctorJust Fishing version

Tip:                  Silver tinsel and yellow floss

Tail:                  Golden pheasant crest

Butt:                Red floss

Ribbing:           Oval silver tinsel

Body:               Silver tinsel

Hackle:             Guinea fowl and blue mixed

Wing:               Barred Mandarin, Florican, teal, yellow, blue, scarlet – married *

Topping:          Golden pheasant crest

Head:               Red

This version has brown mottled turkey substituted for the Florican and guinea fowl substituted for the teal. I also took the liberty of adding a jungle cock eye.

Telephone Box – Dr. Burke Pattern

Telephone Box - size #6 Dr. Burke pattern

Telephone Box

Tip:                  None

Tail:                 Golden pheasant tippet

Butt:                Peacock herl

Ribbing:          Black silk (floss)

Body:               Orange floss or wool

Hackle:            Brown

Wing:               Brown mottled turkey with jungle cock eye