Holberton Wet Fly #6


Tip: Gold tinsel

Tail: Barred Mandarin, crimson, & yellow – married, with peacock  sword *

Ribbing: Gold tinsel

Body: Rear ½ orange floss, front ½ peacock herl

Hackle: Crimson

Wing: Peacock sword topping Crimson, yellow, and barred Mandarin – married **

* Bergman’s written recipe for the Holberton in Trout varies in order from Dr. Burke’s painting on both wing and tail. Adjusted to follow the painting, the tail recipe as shown is: peacock sword topping married crimson, yellow, and barred Mandarin.

** The adjusted wing recipe is: peacock sword topping married barred Mandarin, crimson, and yellow.

3 comments on “Holberton

  1. Mike Norwood says:

    Great tying, Don. I’m going to have to tackle the Holberton soon. Yours is a beauty. Love the blog.

  2. […] Re: What can I tie? Best thing is to find some patterns to tie and get materials for those patterns, rather than get materials and try to figure out what to tie. Once you get the hang of what looks good with what, you’ll have a better idea about putting stuff together. As for suggestions of what materials; how about some red turkey, flat silver tinsel, fine oval tinsel/wire, peacock sword, black hen or schlappen (you have black Thread) = Alexandra. Or try one of these […]

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