Canada Wet Fly

Canada Wet Fly – macro in middle of 1/2 dozen size #6


Tip: None

Tail: Scarlet wool as a short tag

Ribbing: Gold tinsel

Body: Red floss

Hackle: Red

Wing: Mottled gray turkey

The written recipe for the Canada in Bergman’s book Trout lists a tip of ‘scarlet tag’ but it is more accurately a short tail made from wool. By standard definition this fly has no ‘tip.’

Canada Wet Fly 1/2 Dozen

3 comments on “Canada Wet Fly

  1. Mike Norwood says:

    I love the red/black color combination with the
    turkey you used for the wings, Don. They look like a mini-troop of Canadian Mounties. Showy pattern… Great stuff.

    • Mike: Thanks for your post and compliments of the Canada wet fly. It is a pretty pattern eh? Ha! Seriously, I tied these six and some others in six-packs that will probably be placed here as well, the Cupsuptic, Oquassac, Beamis Stream, Colonel Fuller, (even though the Beamis Stream is already posted here, I have different photos of a half dozen as well), for 2-fly sets to give away with DVD sales at the LL Bean Spring Fishing Expo this past March. Thanks again for your comment and checking in here…appreciate it! Your flies on the forum are well-tied and look great as well! I have not had enough time to look into and comment on every topic there… Cheers!

  2. blood101 says:

    Slightly different to what we use in old Blighty lol….very nice flies though

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