Ray Bergman Collection

Hatches Magazine has recently as of this edit, today March 7th, 2012, added more wet flies to this project, bringing the number thus far to over 170. Plate Nos. 1, 2, and 3 are complete. To see all the flies simply cliock this link to the Ray Bergman Collection: http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/category/ray-bergman-collection/

10 comments on “Ray Bergman Collection

  1. I really liked looking and reading about the wet flies and loved Ray Bergman wets. I have been fly fishing for many years and have fished the Battenkill in its better days. It’s funny how no catalogs sell wet flies. If they only knew how great they still work down and across for a caddis hatch or just to fish for fun. I love the take on wet flies. But any way, I tie them myself and have been doing many more in the last years. Great site! Paul A. Gigliotti

    • Hi Paul:
      Thanks for your comment and compliment of my site. I am glad you found it and even happier you enjoy it! Only, sh-h-h-h-h. We want to keep it secret that wet flies still catch trout. Ha! Just kidding, thank you again!


    What a wonderful discovery. You have opened my eyes to the beauty of tying again. Thank you

    George Meessmann

    • George:
      Thank you so much for your comment and compliment! I appreciate it very much!
      The Bergman Collection at Hatches magazine is an on-going project — glad you enjoy it!
      Best regards:
      Don Bastian


    Your support is most welcome. Now what do I do with 440 Bergman Winged Wet Flies. I have Tied the first 9 panels (2 of each). Photographed them and put them on DVD’s in alpha order. I want to put them on a site so that the average tyer can see what can be done by an average tyer. They are not works of art, as yours are, but they look good to me.

    George A. Meessmann


    By the way I wonder if anybody realizes the logistics of tying these flies. The hooks alone (I used Mustad 3906) amounted to 880. The black 6/0 thread totaled 2-1/2 spools. That is over 500 yards. I tried counting the pairs of wings and gave up. I finally realized what you accomplished. You should charge double for the panels. My view is these panels in the future will be a very valuable collectors item.

    George A. Meessmann


    One more then I’ll go back to tying….I started out tying them in the small sizes to see if they caught fish. I tied some 20 selected patterns and was on the water (stillwater) for over 200 days trying them out. Not scientific but my log shows that 17 out of the 20 caught fish. Smallies, largemouth, blue gill, carp and some kind of ugly catish. They DO catch fish.

    George A. Meessmann

    • Hi George:
      Thank you for your comments, and congratulations on completion of two sets of these wet flies. I am well aware of what a significant accomplishment this is…and thank you for sharing your fishing notes too. I admire other tiers who have the perseverance to start and stay with a plan to tie 440 different wet flies. It is wonderful that interest in traditional wet flies is gaining in popularity. Good for you on completion of this task!


    The 440 flies on now on my Blog. Not a trivial effort to create the blog. Had a lot of help, but finally they are all there. Just type in my name. It should come up. I certainly would appreciate your comments. Thanks again for your inspiration.

    • Hi George;
      I looked at your blog and made a comment there, nice work and congratulations on not only finishing the 440 wet flies, twice, but also for taking the photographs and posting them on your new blog. That’s a great work of effort and dedication on your part. I am just pleases to see other tiers continuing the tradition of historic patterns.
      Thank you for your comments!

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