L. L. Bean Spring Fishing Expo

Last year in March, I was invited to participate as a Featured Fly Tyer at the Annual L. L. Bean Spring Fishing Expo at the Flagship Hunting and Fishing Store in Freeport, Maine. I must have done something right because I was invited back again this year. Ha! My first visit there was back in 2006 and I had not been back until 2010.

Last year, Maine had one of the earliest ice-outs in recent history, and the weather the weekend of the 2010 event was so warm folks were wandering about in shorts, T-shirts, and sandals.

I placed a few photos from 2010 here of myself, my brother, Larry, and his daughter & my niece, Emily, who at the time was working part-time at Bean’s in the Hunting and Fishing Store. She loves to hunt and fish, so what better place to work? Emily took the photo of the Neverwas wet fly in the jaw of a mackinaw trout, posted here on my site, one of many fish that she caught last summer during her 3-1/2 months of hiking and fishing in Montana.

Emily, Larry, and Don Bastian at L. L Bean 2010 Spring Fishing Expo

Don Bastian tying a wet fly...

Emily Bastian and her Uncle Don (Uncle Donnie as I am known to my family...)

L. L. Bean Flagship Hunting and Fishing Store, Freeport, Maine

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