Blue Fan Wing Royal Coachman Drys

A fellow I met years ago at the Marlborough, Massachusetts, Fly Fishing Show; posted a comment today on my topic of the Fan Wing Royal Coachman. He sent me a photo of his variation, and I wanted to use it here, thinking it would be nice to share his idea. Alec Stansell sent it to me and I am appreciative of his consent to place his photo here.

Rather than insert it into an edit, I placed it by itself. Alec says it is a good imitation for the blue damsel flies that are about the shorelines of many lakes and ponds.

Here also, is his message of consent. Thanks, Alec!

“Hi Don – I would be delighted if you posted the picture ! I’m really enjoying your blog – just wonderful!  I am going to try and get to Beans expo – I’ll be sure to stop by and say hi.  All the best wishes to you – God bless – Alec.”

Blue Fan Wing Royal Coachman Drys - photo and flies by Alec Stansell

Blue Fan Wing Royal Coachman

Thread: White Danville 6/0 for body, black for head. This is because the use of black tying thread would severely darken when wet, altering the nice blue shade of floss.

Wings: White wood duck male breast feathers

Tail: Lady Amherst pheasant tippet dyed blue

Body: Peacock herl with dark blue floss center

Hackle: Dark blue

2 comments on “Blue Fan Wing Royal Coachman Drys

  1. James says:

    These are more than well tied dry flies. They are art in the best sense of the word.

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