Wet Fly Display at Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

Photo of me at my table at the Fly Fishing Show, March 5 & 6, Valley Forge, PA.

Part of the wet fly display at Valley Forge.

483 wet flies in order, prior to mounting on cardboard, foam, and foam-core.

Frames on display at the Northeast Hunting and Fishing Expo in Hartford, Connecticut, February 18 - 20.

I would like to officially announce that the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in Livingston Manor, New York, will be hosting a one-day showing of my ten-frame display of the wet fly plates from Ray Bergman’s Trout and other books.

The date is Saturday April 2. Museum hours and other information are available at the Museum website: http://www.cffcm.net/

Museum Curator Jim Krul has released promotional information in local news media, on Facebook, and in the CFFCM newsletter.

Trout has 440 wet fly patterns. This set is composed of flies tied by me of Wet Fly Plates Nos. 1 through 9, inclusive, from Trout, adding the 5 wets on Plate No. 10, with the remaining patterns gleaned from Just Fishing; With Fly Plug, and Bait; and the 2nd edition of Trout – 1952. Falling three patterns short, I added a Female Beaverkill, and both Light and Dark Hendrickson wets to arrive at 48 flies for the final Plate.

These ten frames contain 483 flies in all, and are the same flies being presented in groups of ten in The Ray Bergman Collection at Hatches Magazine Online. I am very excited and honored to have these flies displayed at the Catskill Museum. Ray Bergman’s Niece, Norma Christian, is planning to attend, her health considered, if she feels well enough to travel on the day.

Ted Patlen is the scheduled Featured Tyer for the day at the museum. I will be there as well, most likely just hanging out, talking to visitors, and enjoying myself.

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