Trout Fin – Reprise…

Last year I posted a photo of the Trout Fin on here. And only a photo. No notes, no nothin’. Today I just wrote the recipe and some added information about the fly, and how I recently discovered how it was included in Ray Bergman’s 4th book. I also commented a bit on my head cement process. It’s not a long read, just a few minutes – if you’d like to check that out just click the link:

6 comments on “Trout Fin – Reprise…

  1. DAVE LOMASNEY says:

    Hey Don,..I have a question, why wasn’t the Trout Fin and the Brookie Fin in the color plates of trout?
    I saw the Fontinalis Fins in the display plate on Saturday, in Plate 10, I think.


  2. Dave:
    It is a little confusing…there are six, that I know of, historic trout fin fly patterns. In order of their appearance as far as publication, the Fontinalis Fin, and Bergman Fontinalis…ah heck, I know right now, thinking ahead, that this is going to be a bit longer, so I am going to post it as a separate topic – an article, rather than a simple reply. I think you want the “long answer…”

  3. DAVE LOMASNEY says:

    Hey Don,..thanks for fixin’ the spelling on the Fontinalis. I realized after I wrote the post I screwed it up, and didn’t know how to edit it! I guess what I tryin to figure out is why some of the Fins weren’t in Trout, is it because they were not known about yet?

  4. Dave:
    That would be my guess – that the other fin patterns were unknown, since Trout seems to have a pretty comprehensive listing of popular and not-so-popular wet flies of the time period. I don’t know the origin of the Trout Fin and Brook Fin, thinking too that the Brookie Fin was originated by Helen Shaw. I know her book has a tying sequence of b&w photos in it, but I don’t have my copy at had to check. I believe she was the originator of that one…

  5. Alec Stansell says:

    Happy Birthday Don!!

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