Brook Trout Fin Wet Flies…

I am typing all this from memory – in reply to a question / comment on my Trout Fin – Reprise post yesterday. I’m also working on a magazine article on these flies and more, so I can’t spill all the beans here.

Of six known historic brook trout fin wet fly patterns; only three were ever published in Ray Bergman’s books. The Fontinalis Fin and the Bergman Fontinalis were in Trout, Plate No. 10; and the Trout Fin was in With Fly Plug, and Bait. That is why these three are the only brook fin patterns in my collective rendition of Wet Fly Plate No. 10 in my framed set, because the frames are composed only of wet fly patterns from Ray Bergman’s books.

The Armstrong Fontinalis was published in Bill Blades book, 1950 or ’51, and I am not certain of its title, but it was something like Fishing Flies and Fly Fishing. This fly and the other two in Trout were all created by Michigan angler and fly tier Phil Armstrong.

The Brook Fin was in H. J. Noll’s Guide to Trout Flies, a how-to tying book, softcover, published in the 1960’s. The Brookie Fin was published in Helen Shaw’s Flies for Fish and Fishermen: The Wet Flies, 1989, Stackpole Books. It is out-of-print, but still available if you look.

So, these six:

1) Fontinalis Fin

2) Bergman Fontinalis

3) Trout Fin

4) Armstrong Fontinalis

5) Brook Fin

6) Brookie Fin

There is similarity in the names, which can invite some confusion. But while similar, the patterns are all different. Then there is also the Olive Trout Fin, my contemporary creation of a traditional variation of a brook trout fin wet fly.

See Olive Trout Fin in my older posts…and visit, search Bastian Trout Fin or Olive Trout Fin, and you’ll find more information and photos. I posted a topic several months ago on with I think, five of these six patterns.

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