Great Feathers Fly Shop

For some time now, off and on for the past couple years, I have been in third-party contact with Great Feathers Fly Shop in northern Maryland, discussing the possibility of me conducting a fly tying class there. Great Feathers Fly Shop is in the country, near Sparks, north of Hunt Valley, not far from the Gunpowder River, and the famous historic thoroughbred horse farms and the associated racing and traditional fox hunting country north of Baltimore is very nearby.

With recent events and realignment of my life, as things move forward, in addition to my family, especially my two daughters and four grandsons, I am going to devote my life to fly tying, guiding, writing, and teaching fly tying and fishing, selling custom-order fishing and collectible flies at shows and events, and via mail order. Anything related that involves and integrates my love of fishing and tying flies, the outdoors, and my experience and ability related thereto, will be an essential component and part of my plan for the future of my life.

Great Feathers shop owner Mike Watriss and I have been in contact recently; we are cooperatively planning a wet fly tying class on the weekend of October 8 and 9, 2011.

On my return from Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday April 19th, (the trip was for personal delivery of the custom-ordered ten-frame set of the color plate wet fly reproductions from Ray Bergman’s Trout and his other books), I stopped for an overnight visit with a friend in Bel Air, Maryland. On Wednesday afternoon of April 20th, I visited Great Feathers with two friends who had earlier taken me to lunch with the Maryland Fly Anglers.

The shop is in an old stone building, a former farmhouse, built in the 1700’s. Cool! And when I walked in the door, I knew right away I was going to like the place when I saw a sign saying, “Ted Nugent for President;” because I like to hunt and I own guns which I will never surrender to any government, and, Led Zeppelin was playing on the shop sound system. Good first impressions for sure.

The link to Great feathers is here in this post, I have also added it to my links on the side bar. Check it out; they have lots of wet fly materials.

If interested in attending this class, which very well may be scheduled over two days, check the Great Feathers link for their contact information.

I have lots of flies to tie, and despite that, I will endeavor to add fresh material on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone for your visits and patronage of this site.

Great Feathers Fly Shop