Visit the link on the right to to view photos of my individual frames and complete ten-frame set, 483 wet flies, from Ray Bergman’s books, ior click this link direct to the merchandise page on

As I announced on May 1st, I have officially joined the network site of This is an internet site for the listing, advertising, promotion, and sale of fishing flies tied by American tiers. I believe there are a few Canadian tiers on the site as well. None of the flies for sale at are tied by someone in a third world country who has never seen a trout. I firmly believe it is time for Americans fly fishers to fully support American tiers. There are also listings for guides, authors, speakers, lodges, and destinations. Check out for more information. There are also authors, guides, lodges, and custom fly tying sources there.

My first merchandise placement on displays framed reproductions of the wet fly patterns painted by artist Dr. Edgar A. Burke, illustrated in the pages of books by famous angling author Ray Bergman (1891-1967). Bergman was angling editor of Outdoor Life magazine from 1934 until 1959. Outdoor Life was the most well-known outdoor periodical of its day during a time when there were no fly fishing publications in circulation. Consequently, Bergman’s position gave him a status of being one of the most well-known angling authors of his day; Ray was recognized and respected by anglers of all persuasions.

Bergman’s trout fishing books, Just Fishing – 1932; Trout – 1938; With Fly Plug and Bait – 1947; and the enlarged, revised second edition of Trout – 1952; have the commonality of containing color plates of flies, plugs, and lures painted by Edgar Burke. Burke’s paintings accurately express his keen attention to detail; the color plates and recipes of the 440 wet flies from Trout are the “bible” for the existing generation of fly tiers driving the current renewed interest in what we presently refer to as “classic wet flies.” The reason for this is obvious: Trout, with fifteen full-color paintings, accurately illustrating a traditional, historical appearance of 440 wet fly patterns, with written recipes in the back of the book, presented an unprecedented resource in sheer numbers of patterns at the time of its publication in 1938. There are other books by other fly fishing authors that added to this collection of wet fly and fly fishing information, but on any level of comparison, none of them can come close to matching the enduring popularity of Trout. And until Forgotten Flies was published in 2000, there was no other fishing book that presented a greater number of illustrated fishing flies.

I also offer custom frames of wet flies, patterns of your choice may be selected; the price depends on the number of flies and size of frame. Frames are available from single flies to a half-dozen, dozen, and more. I have occasionally combined the paintings of artists such as Alan James Robinson, James Prosek, and others, using primarily brook trout art, with my wet fly patterns.

In addition, historic wet fly patterns for fishing are also available from me. A wide range of literally hundreds of patterns and sizes are available. Pricing and delivery information is available upon request. Contact me via-e-mail:

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