Catskill Fly Fishing Museum Photo…

Mark Schwarz, Norma Christian, and Don Bastian

Here is a photo of the “display day” mentioned in the Ginger Quill wet fly post immediately below this topic. This is a photo from the day at the museum. Left to right;

Mark Schwarz – Ray Bergman’s great-grand nephew;

Norma Christian – Ray’s niece;

and yours truly – Don Bastian.

I was very proud to be there that day, and I was delighted that Norma was able to attend. She is 86 years old, and as noted by her attire and appearance, is still a classy lady.

Norma’s husband, Buddy, Ray Bergman’s nephew, shown as a four-year -old future fisherman” in a 1922 photograph in the Bergman biography I wrote for book Forgotten Flies passed away two years ago.

Ginger Quill Wet Fly tied by Ray Bergman

This Ginger Quill wet fly was shown to me by Ray Bergman’s great-grand nephew Saturday April 2, 2011, at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in Livingston Manor, New York. This was the date of the one-day display of my ten-frame set of wet fly patterns that are reproductions of Dr. Edgar Burke’s color plate wet fly paintings from Ray Bergman’s 1938 book Trout.

This fly was tied by Ray, and you’ll note, though the ink has faded, his stamp is legible at the lower left. It reads, “Ray Bergman, Nyack, NY.” The ink handwriting on the glassine envelope is also Ray’s.

I thought perhaps people might enjoy seeing a Bergman original-tied wet fly so I posted the photo here.

Ginger Quill Wet Fly tied by Ray Bergman