Nature’s Spirit Duck Wing Quills…

Hi everyone:
At the Somerset, New Jersey Fly Fishing Show in January of this year, I was wearing a shirt with my name on it. As I was talking to Mike Martinek, a man walked up to us and noticed the name, and said, “Hey you’re the guy who has the DVD!” Someone had just told him to seek me out when he had asked about learning to tie wet flies.
Anyway, it turned out that the man was Ron Weiss, new owner of Hook & Hackle Company. He has owned the company for five years. I used to buy from them on a wholesale level back in the 1990’s, and asked, “Are you still in Plattsburgh, New York?”
“No, I moved the company to Pittsburgh,” he replied.
Long story short: H & H sells Natures Spirit duck & goose quills. Ron is a fly tyer and desires to provide customers with good quality duck and goose quills. I think they have like 15 colors…how cool is that?!

Here is a link to photos of the quills:

And a link to the web page where you can purchase:

I also sell duck & goose wing quills, but I know I could not keep up with demand so I have not advertised that, and sell what I have at shows. My feathers are high-graded and priced more, but Nature’s Spirit feathers are probably just about the best quills obtainable on a retail basis.

Hope this helps some of you find feathers…

One comment on “Nature’s Spirit Duck Wing Quills…

  1. G1 says:

    Hi Don – I had to comment about the duck and goose quills you prepared for me. They are the best I have seen and paired with functionality in mind. The colors are super and they are packaged for use. I like the tape holding them together, and how easy it is to create married wings. Super Product! Thanks Rob

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