Great Feathers Wet Fly Class – the date is set.

Great Feathers Fly Shop in Sparks, Maryland

I just got off the phone with Mike Watriss, owner of Great Feathers Fly Shop in Sparks, Maryland.  We have set a date for an instructional wet fly class with me teaching, on Saturday October 8th. Sunday October 9th is being reserved as an encore day if the Saturday class fills up.

Here is the contact information for Great Feathers Fly Shop:

Great Feathers Fly Shop

14824 York Road

Sparks, MD 21152-9317

(410) 472-6799
Hours:  Monday – Saturday: 10am-5pm; Sunday 11am-4pm.
I am really looking forward to this class – Great Feathers operates in an old, historic stone farmhouse, over 200 years old. This region of the state of Maryland is in the heart of an area with numerous heritage farm estates and plantations where the wonderful sport of fox hunting with horses and hounds has strong, deeply rooted  traditions.
Check the link on the right to Great Feathers Fly Shop to look for class infomation, soon to be posted.
Feel free to contact me, Don Bastian, at my e-mail:
with any questions or concerns about the class. I always try to accommodate student’s specific areas of interest as well; there is a real good possibility that we’ll also include a traditional blind-eye wet fly pattern in this class. I added this classic style of tying to my past few classes this season, and it has been very well-received, except for one fellow, who remarked, “Is it OK if I cut this  &*(^*%#!?#@!  leader off so I can finish tying the fly?” Ha!

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