Mustad Wet Fly Hooks

Just the other day as I was working on some wet flies, tying reproductions of the patterns from the color plates of Ray Bergman’s book, Trout, for another custom-ordered set of the framed wet fly color plates, I ran out of number 6 Mustad 3399 wet fly hooks. I was using a box like the one pictured here, and running out meant another thousand gone. So I went to my storage area and found this box – the 1000 pack – that I bought in 2007 when Mustad started to change their hook styles. Back then, in a panic, I had my wholesaler order direct for me – I got 6000 of them – six boxes of these #6’s, and as of now, I have one left after this one. I thought 6000 would last me quite a while. I am using these classic hooks on all my collector and framed wet flies, otherwise, for fishing flies I am using the current technology designed hooks on the market, Daiichi, TMC, MFC, Mustad, etc., which are better quality hooks made with high-carbon steel, chemically sharpened points, and mini-barbs.

I sold a few hundred of the vintage style hooks, but for the most part, out of 4000 #6 Mustad 3399 hooks, in four years, I have tied wet flies on about 3,700 of them. I have more of the 3399 size #8, #10, #12, & #14’s, and also I bought 1000 each of several sizes of the #94720 8x long streamer hooks. In all, I have about 14,000 more classic hooks, waiting…for thread, fur, feathers, tinsel. I am nevertheless a little concerned about running out of #6 wet fly hooks…just mildly. Guess I’ll have to keep my eyes open…and my fingers crossed.

Mustad #6 - 3399 Wet Fly Hooks - full box of 1000Mustad #6 - 3399 Wet Fly Hooks - 1000

Mustad #6 - 3399 Wet Fly Hooks - 1000

Hopatcong - pin-mounted in a frame, dressed on Mustad classic 3399 #6 hook.

Romeyn - pin mounted in a frame, dressed on classic Mustad 3399 #6 wet fly hook.