Carrie Stevens Streamers – Boxed Collector’s Sets

Carrie Stevens Streamer Patterns - Boxed Collectors Edition, tied by Don Bastian, signed, numbered, featuring Gray Ghost, Colonel Bates, Pink Lady, and Blue Devil.

This boxed set of Carrie Stevens Streamer patterns is the fruition of an idea developed earlier this summer. The mounting cards used have my old phone number on them but otherwise the idea is to present these historic flies in a set for interested collectors. The patterns selected for this first set in what is planned as a series; the Gray Ghost, Colonel Bates, Pink Lady, and Blue Devil were chosen for the following reasons:

The Gray Ghost– how could I not include the Gray Ghost? It is literally the most popular traditional streamer pattern in history, perhaps with Herbie Welch’s Black Ghost running a close second.

The Colonel Bates – named for Joseph D. Bates Jr., author of several books, including Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, 1950, which until the release of Graydon and Leslie Hilyard’s book, Carrie Stevens – Maker  of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies in 2000, had actually contained what was thought to be most of Carrie’s patterns within in its pages, with the Colonel Bates photographed among 13 of Carrie Stevens’ patterns of Bates’ book on Plate IV.

The Pink Lady – A lesser known Stevens pattern, but selected for inclusion in this set because of the historical fact that this pattern was the very last fly tied by Mrs. Stevens on the day in 1953, symbolically dressed as her final pattern before she sold her business and materials to H. Wendell Folkins of New Hampshire.

The Blue Devil – another pattern from Plate IV of Joseph Bates’ book.

Each of these patterns is dressed on English hand-made Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek / Carrie Stevens Rangeley Style Streamer Hooks, size #1 – 8x long.

The display case is a white enamel gift box with a raised interior panel with the flies. Each fly is mounted on the cards with fine copper wire similar to the method used by Carrie Stevens. The patterns are named and sized in #2 pencil, and the signature card is signed and numbered. The exterior of the carton is also labeled with the signature card. A signed letter of provenance also accompanies each set. The price of my Carrie Stevens Streamers – Collectors Edition Sets is $75 including shipping.

These sets will be advertised for sale on my page of, and I plan to have some for sale at various shows and venues in the future. I am also developing other ideas with this concept. Future editing of this topic will continue as additional sets are created.