Fly Casting Lessons – Why?

Why not?

It has been over two weeks since I placed a post here and thought I would rectify that situation with this post.

My long-time Canadian friend and fly tyer, Rick Whorwood, wrote this message to me in August as part of an e-mail discussion we were having. Reading through my older e-mail messages this morning I thought the information here was worthy enough to pass along, not so much to promote him but to present the facts. Anything in parenthesis was added by me for clarification. Rick was speaking about his fly casting school and the fact that many fly anglers, even experienced ones, have never considered the investment of a few hours in professional lessons and the tangible benefits they could reap from some personal fly casting instruction and coaching. They seem content with their fly casting and fishing ability where it is, rather than considering the fact they could be better. Rick’s comments follow:

“I get offers now and then about other people’s websites; I just have to figure out what will make a person book a one or two-day school. There are a lot of people who could benefit from this program (Rick’s personal fly casting school instructions), it is just (an effort) getting them to understand what I’m offering. I had a student yesterday who claimed he’d been fly fishing thirty years and that he could double-haul, but it turned out he didn’t know how to. You know how many fishing situations there are where he could greatly improve his catch rate if only he knew how to double haul!

The guides don’t help, they could care less, if you can cast they only care that you catch a fish the day you’re with them. If you go out the next day, fish alone and get skunked, what do they care? He was the second guy I’ve had in less than a year that can’t double-haul and yet claimed he had been fly fishing 20 + years!

People will invest thousands of dollars on equipment and trips but struggle (refuse to invest) with spending a few hundred dollars to take a lesson. Wish I knew the answer.”

Below are a couple photos of Rick with west coast steelhead, taken this past September in British Columbia. Both fish were taken on a spey rod. As you can see, they are big chromers. Rick is a talented angler.

Rick Whorwood with nice steelhead

Rick Whorwood, from Stoney Creek, Ontario, with big British Columbia steelhead taken on spey rod

Rick is a bit of a character, eh, (an understatement), nevertheless I heartily and confidently endorse his casting, teaching, and fishing ability. Time well-spent to book  a day with him. Check the link on my site to his webpage, eh!

One comment on “Fly Casting Lessons – Why?

  1. raspberryfisher says:

    Agreed, lessons is a small investment given the time we put and a small cost against an investment. Rick is a good teacher, great fly-tyer and wish I could get more time with him.

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