Lady Caroline Spey Fly and Steelhead

These photos are of the Lady Caroline, dressed by Rick Whorwood, and a beautiful, fresh-run steelhead he took yesterday, November 22nd, on this pattern in New York’s Salmon River.

Lady Caroline Spey Fly

The fish was taken on a Loomis NRX Rod, Tibor Reel, Airflo Skagit Float Line with a 10′ Slow Sink Poly Leader, and a Traditional Lady Caroline fly.

The hook is a Daiichi No. 2441, Size #1, tied as the traditional, with the exception of substituted Blue-Eared Pheasant Spey Hackle.

Here is the info Rick sent with a request for me to post it on my blog, so here it is:

“I’m starting to book my A full day spey school while drifting the lower Grand River in OntarioBass and Steelhead Drift Schools for next year, if you want to put that on your blog; you can add this picture, taken yesterday.”

Fresh Salmon River Steelhead, Rick Whorwood photo

Rick is a very close friend and an excellent fly tyer. He dressed the Jock Scott for the second issue of Canada Post stamps a few years back. He is also tying the Jock Scott for my Marbury / Orvis book project, along with a few trout flies as well. I am very grateful for Rick’s contributions and his friendship. A link to Rick’s website is on my links sidebar. His e-mail: