Lady Caroline Spey Fly and Steelhead

These photos are of the Lady Caroline, dressed by Rick Whorwood, and a beautiful, fresh-run steelhead he took yesterday, November 22nd, on this pattern in New York’s Salmon River.

Lady Caroline Spey Fly

The fish was taken on a Loomis NRX Rod, Tibor Reel, Airflo Skagit Float Line with a 10′ Slow Sink Poly Leader, and a Traditional Lady Caroline fly.

The hook is a Daiichi No. 2441, Size #1, tied as the traditional, with the exception of substituted Blue-Eared Pheasant Spey Hackle.

Here is the info Rick sent with a request for me to post it on my blog, so here it is:

“I’m starting to book my A full day spey school while drifting the lower Grand River in OntarioBass and Steelhead Drift Schools for next year, if you want to put that on your blog; you can add this picture, taken yesterday.”

Fresh Salmon River Steelhead, Rick Whorwood photo

Rick is a very close friend and an excellent fly tyer. He dressed the Jock Scott for the second issue of Canada Post stamps a few years back. He is also tying the Jock Scott for my Marbury / Orvis book project, along with a few trout flies as well. I am very grateful for Rick’s contributions and his friendship. A link to Rick’s website is on my links sidebar. His e-mail:

5 comments on “Lady Caroline Spey Fly and Steelhead

  1. Jeff Turko says:

    the L.C. is one of my favorites. I’m always curious as to what type of dubbing or blend of dubbings people use on these. If bronze mallard wings didn’t boil my blood so easily, I’d tie more of these. Excellent pics. Thanks.

  2. Doug Swesty says:

    It is nice to see a steelhead caught on the Salmon River using traditional methods, i.e. a spey fly (presumably swung). It seems as though almost everyone on the Salmon sticks to dead-drifting nymphs or egg patterns! My one and only steelhead landed on the salmon was on a swung fly (but I am embarrassed to admit it was a lowly wooly bugger and not a traditional spey fly!)

    • Hi Doug:

      Thanks for your comment here! Appreciate your input. I too have taken steelhead on buggers. The post I made about the trout wet flies being up-sized for steelhead, I heard from my customer that he took a very nice Salmon River steelhead – swung – on the Neverwas.
      Thanks again for your comment!

  3. KC Pfister says:

    Hi Don, do you sell any Lady Caroline Spey flies?
    Regards Kevin in Norway

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Kevin;
      The Lady Caroline in this post was tied by my friend Rick Whorwood, of Ontario, Canada. I myself have tied only a few spey flies, and I’ve dressed the Lady Caroline, but these flies are not my forte for selling. And I am pretty backed up on my orders at the present time. Thanks for asking!

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