Traditional Wet Fly Selection

Don Bastian's Traditional Wet Fly Selection

This is my Traditional Wet Fly Selection that is available for purchase on

You can click the link on the right-hand sidebar for the ordering page of to place an order for this selection.

There is full information on the site about this selection. Nevertheless I’ll just mention here that these are fishing flies tied in sizes #8 and #10 on standard wet fly hooks, modern high-carbon steel, chemically sharpened, with mini-barbs. A nice assortment for wet fly fishing!

There are several product reviews on the site for this item so I’ll allow my customers to speak for me. Each set comes with a separate signature card, $27.50 including shipping.

I have fished all these patterns myself and they all catch fish!

2 comments on “Traditional Wet Fly Selection

  1. Jeff Turko says:

    I have ordered this very set from Don and they are expertly tied as you would expect. Its funny that they are listed as “fishing flies” but so far I haven’t been able to bring myself to tie them on a tippet because I don’t want to lose any. I’ll have to order some more after the new year so I can actually fish them.

  2. I just received mine yesterday. They are as beautiful, more beautiful, in person than all of the pictures I’ve ever seen of them! I plan on fishing the #10s and framing the #8s. The price is too cheap for the precision and detail of these fine flies. I think one thing that makes them so spectacular is the amount of detail in the small size.
    Extremely pleased, Don is very generous in offering these flies and his careful presentation packaging.

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