Silver Doctor – from Russia

Silver Doctor tied by Mike from Russia - the photograph is also by Mike

This version of the Silver Doctor was posted on the Classic Fly Forum recently and I was so impressed with it that I just had to post it on my blog. But, it’s late now, near my bedtime, and I’ve had a l-o-n-g day, but I’ll add the recipe on Friday….for now the photo alone will have to do…enjoy!

December 23rd:

OK, everyone, Friday morning, I’m tending the wood fire, having coffee and it’s time to finish this post. Following up on this photo, this version of the Silver Doctor was tied by Mike from Russia. He is “Severyanin,” a member of, and other sites. This fly was tied by him, expertly so, I might add. I also want to add that I grew up experiencing those drills in elementary school where we hid under our desks in the event the Russians had launched a nuclear missile attack against the United States. A few things have changed in the intervening fifty years.

Here is the recipe:

Silver Doctor

Hook – Ken Sawada DT4 old limerick wet #6
Thread – UNI 8/0 Fire Orange
Tag – UNI-Mylar gold tinsel #16
Tail – Goose shoulder, yellow
Tail veiling – Goose shoulder, blue
Butt – Wool fluorescent red
Body – UNI-Mylar silver tinsel #14
Rib – Lagartun oval silver tinsel, small
Throat – Blue and guinea
Wing – Pintail, blue, red, & yellow goose shoulder) and light brown mottled turkey wing quill

Here are a few notes he sent to me along with his recipe:

“I must say that it will be big honour for me if you post my fly on your blog. And thank you for you kind words about my tying…”

“This Silver Doctor is my own version. Maybe somebody, somewhere has tied the same variant, but I didn’t see… All Doctors I’ve seen were slightly different from it.”

“Severyanin – it’s nickname, it means “A man from North” or just northerner. (I was born on Chukotka. This is not far from Alaska, but on the other bank of Bering Strait).”

Thanks Mike, for your beautiful work, and for permitting me to post your fly.


6 comments on “Silver Doctor – from Russia

  1. Hi Don,

    Perhaps a silly comment from me. But as you know I like to photograph fishing flies. Anyway I like the way you angle your flies “up”. Most of us hold the shank horizontal. I like the way you position your wet flies for the photo. I can always tell its your picture.

    • Hi Peter:
      Last night when I put the photo on here I did not say it was not my photo, and it’s not. It was taken by Mike; the tyer of this Silver Doctor and photographer one and the same.
      Yet, I do appreciate you noticing that up angle of most of my fly photos.. Basic geometry young man! The fly image can be bigger and zoomed-in more because of the greater distance from corner-to-corner as opposed to straight across the middle, and the wing shape lends itself to a better fit.
      Thanks for your comment…catch up with you next month at Marlborough!
      Have a good Christmas!

  2. That is a really wonderful wet Don. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Bill says:

    That certainly is a beautiful version of a classic pattern; Mike’s technique is excellent. I also very much like the way he photographed it lying in the palm of his hand — a background texture I’ve not seen before.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi, Don!
    I’m really glad to see my Silver Doctor on your blog! 🙂
    Thank you again and have a nice Christmas and Happy new Year!!!

  5. “Silver Doctor” Mike, Bill and Darren:

    Thanks for your comments here guys, I am glad to post Mike’s beautiful fly…
    Thanks again Mike for the nice tying!

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