Black Doctor From Russia

When I posted Mike’s version of the Silver Doctor the other day, I was unaware that he also had tied a version of the Black Doctor. I had an absolute flood of Russian visits to my blog the day I posted his Silver Doctor, and it was gratifying to have two record-high days with the number of visits to my blog just three days apart. The first new record of visitors came after I made my first new posts after a three-plus week period of inactivity from before Thanksgiving and through the Pennsylvania deer season; the 1883 Orvis Flies, and then the Michigan Grayling Post. Thank you everyone for your interest and support of my blog. When I posted Mike’s Silver Doctor from Russia, he placed a link to his fly and my blog on a Russian fly tying site, and I suddenly had a Russian invasion on my hands. But a good one, it was a cultural invasion, the kind we can benefit and learn from.

As a companion to his Silver Doctor, here is Mike’s version of the Black Doctor:

Mike's photo and his size #6 version of the Black Doctor. It is great that he felt creative to attempt a trout version of this well-known salmon fly, and of course, this pattern and size could also be fished as a salmon fly.

Here is Mike’s reply to me through

“Yes, I posted the link to your blog on our fly tying forum. Some guys knew it and visited before, but some of the members didn’t visit it before. I hope they will visit your blog in the future, because there is a lot of useful information about fly tying. And I must to admit that now we have wet fly tying boom among our fly tyers society.”
“I’m glad to know, that you like my Black Doctor variant. Here is the recipe for it:”

Hook: – Ken Sawada DT4 old limerick wet #6
Thread: – 10/0 Red
Tag: – UNI-Mylar gold tinsel #16
Tail: – Golden Pheasant Crest
Butt: – Wool Fl. Red
Body: – Black Silk
Rib: – UNI-Mylar gold tinsel #16
Throat: – Claret schlappen and Eurasian blue jay
Wing: – Peacock shoulder, goose shoulder (red, blue, yellow) mottled turkey wing quill, and kori bustard.

The wing of this Black Doctor is more detailed than his Silver Doctor wing; there is a lot of work in this fly on this size hook. Thanks Mike! Well done!

PS: Following some of the incoming stats after the Silver Doctor, I must say I got a real kick out of checking “google translation” and suddenly seeing my blog page entirely in Russian. It sure looked Greek to me…!

3 comments on “Black Doctor From Russia

  1. Kelly L says:

    I have loved the Silver Doctor, but have never heard of a Black Doctor. I think it is a killer looking fly Don. Mike really knocked it out of the park. I am a fairly new subscriber to your blog. I sure do look forward to seeing what you are coming up with next. It is always a treat! I love flies, and their history, and I sure learn a lot from your thoughts, and photos. Thank you for sharing with people on here.

  2. Dan Glover says:

    Wow, beautiful work.

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