Silver Jungle Streamer

One of my blog visitors, Gary Fraser, from Nova Scotia,  penned this e-mail to me last August:

“The reason I am e-mailing you is to thank you for the work you put into your blog. I am an avid trout fly fisherman and chase what is left of our salmon around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick some. I will be fishing Cape Breton a lot this fall from our camp and while going through your site looking at your wet flies some caught my attention more than others. The salmon runs here in the fall love big orange flies (in my opinion)  and one of your wet trout flies sparked so much interest as I am tying filling boxes for 4 weeks of fishing that I have tied many the last few days. It’s the Silver Jungle fly, and I can not wait to fish it for brookies but also I liked the pattern so much I have also bastardized it into some patterns I would bet a paycheck on will fish well this fall. I have unbelievable luck fishing Muddlers here and in saying that I have come up with something I cannot wait to pass by our fall salmon. I hope you will not be offended by these 2 flies but more flattered as I am actually quite excited about them.
I hope you enjoy them; and if I am fortunate enough to have them in the mouth of our beloved Salmo salar and brookies this fall; I will send along some photos as well.”

Silver Jungle Streamer - variation of wet fly - tied by Gary Fraser

Silver Jungle Streamer – version by Gary Fraser

Hook:        L87-3665A Mustad 7x long streamer limerick
Thread:   Uni 3/0 orange
Tail:           Orange Krystalflash
Rib:             Oval Silver
Body:        Rear ½ flat silver tinsel, front ½ orange floss
Hackle:    Grizzly hen tied palmer over front half of body
Wing:        White Polar Bear (lacking polar bear hair, gray fox could be substituted – Don B.)
Cheeks:   Jungle cock eyes

The streamer itself raised a few fish for a friend of mine this fall when we fished Cape Breton’s late salmon run but the water levels were almost non-existent the week we were there. Orange is my go to color for fall salmon here so I have no problem placing faith in this fly for sure. A variation of this fly is the “Silver Jungle Muddler.” (Same fly with orange deer hair head, 6/0 Uni-thread used to spin the hair). I think it will fish amazing here as well and April 1 when our season opens I will be trolling these 2 with high anticipation during our early high water fishing. I have several friends I have shared this with and they all feel it will be a productive fly but we will give it more testing in 2012.

The pattern on my blog that inspired Gary is the Silver Jungle wet fly, as the pattern appears in Trout by Ray Bergman. Thank you Gary for your creative version of the Silver Jungle!

7 comments on “Silver Jungle Streamer

  1. Great post Gary and Don!

  2. Gary says:

    Don I can not thank you enough for including my email and fly on your site. I am already looking forward to your next posts as your blog is a wealth of information for us to learn from to say the least.

    • Gary:
      You are certainly welcome. I liked the look of this fly and thought the “north of the border” input worth adding to my content. Thank you for your permission to post it and for your nice tying!
      Happy New Year!

  3. Erin Block says:

    Fantastic looking fly. I too love Muddlers, and will have to give this a go. Thanks to the both of you!

  4. Thank you Erin;
    Maybe I should also add Gary’s photo of the Muddler version…?

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