Today, January 1, 2012 is the day that fellow tier and friend from Canada, Darren MacEachern, officially started his pet project titled: Streamers365. This is an online gallery of streamers that will continue for a full year, featuring feather wing patterns. New patterns will be posted each day for the entire year. Notes on pattern origin, history, and recipes will be included. Today began the project with famous Maine resident Herb Welch’s Black Ghost, featuring four versions of the fly tied by Jim Warner, Bob Petti, Bob Frandsen, and Don Bastian. I have added a link to Streamers365 under “Links” at the top right of my blog page. Please visit this site for more information on this project. Or click this link:

I also want to note that this wool body version of the Black Ghost is one of six patterns on my DVD, Traditional Streamers and Bucktails. The DVD is available to order on Here is s direct link to the product page for this DVD:

Happy New Year to every one! I wish you all health, success, peace, and good fishing!

Below is the photo Darren took of my Black Ghost, he just sent it to me to post here.

Black Ghost, Size #1 8x long, wool body version

5 comments on “Streamers365

  1. Gary says:

    Great post Don, and all the best to Darren on this project and congrats to all who participated. I hope fly tiers as a group continue to grow and support these causes.

  2. David Mac says:

    Very nice post for Streamers365 Don. I am also a small part of this great Project and will looking forward to a new streamer in my email each morning. 2012 will be the Year of the Streamer and when these streamers are offered up at auction, their proceeds will be going to some very worthy charities.

  3. Dave Lomasney says:

    What a great project!..I only wish I spotted it sooner,so I could participate with some flys.
    I guess I’ll just have to sit and watch!
    Thanks for posting it Don!

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