Cassard Bass Fly

Cassard, more formally know as the "W. J. Cassard" - Bass Fly

This is / these are the Cassard Bass Fly from Mary Orvis Marbury’s 1892 book, Favorite Flies and Their Histories. I tied both of these last night; one is part of a project I’m working on (not my book).

Leigh Shuman, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, long-time friend and fellow fly tier, is one of my contributing fly tyers and has been assigned to tie the Cassard for my upcoming book on the Marbury / Orvis flies. I have only ever tied the Cassard from the recipe in Ray Bergman’s 1938 book, Trout, and since I had to tie this pattern for another project, I gave in to impulse (something I do on occasion) and decided to replicate the antique blind-eye version as illustrated on the Plate E – Lake Flies – in Marbury’s book. In the 1893 Orvis Display in the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont, the Cassard is labeled in Mary’s handwriting as a bass fly. It served (and still could) doubly-duty as a Lake Fly for trout and land-locked salmon as well.

Since I had tied one, going one step further, with all the materials out and at-hand, I decided to tie an  extra; the benefit of this is it gives me one for “speculation.”

The hooks are Partridge Bartleet 3/0, CS10/1, blind-eye, that I obtained in 1995 during a visit to England and tour of the now-closed Partridge Factory in Redditch. Perhaps not a “bass” hook per se, but Marbury’s book is full of personal hook style preferences listed by the various contributors.

Hope you like them, now I have to go change the oil in my car…(between you and me I’d rather tie more flies).

A pair of 3/0 Cassards, dressed by Don Bastian

10 comments on “Cassard Bass Fly

  1. says:

    Beautiful job on the pair Don. You must have half the world’s supply of Barred Wood duck though, lol.

    • Thanks Darren, I am fortunate to have a lot of barred wood duck…my other “project” so far has required 30 matched pairs, and now these and a few other similar big flies. I am for sure gonna take up huntin’ wood ducks next fall…

  2. Leigh Shuman says:

    Settin’ the bar mighty high there, Bastian. I’d better get to work!

  3. Catskilljohn says:

    Nice stuff Don,. one of my favorites. Great work, as always. CJ

  4. Dan Glover says:

    Thats another beauty, Don. Thanks for posting

  5. Mike L says:

    Wow, Don. Beautifully done as usual. I must tell you that my 3 year old daughter enjoys sitting with me to look at your posts and see what “new flies” you have pictured. She’s been really interested in watching me tie and likes to mess around with wrapping thread onto the hook.

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