Sharpening Fly Tying Scissors

I made this post to announce that I will be adding a new service at my fly tying table this year at any shows and events where I am presenting:

~ Fly Tying Scissors Sharpening Service ~

I will sharpen your fly tying scissors, all types with metal blades, at my table at the shows while you wait or enjoy the show. The charge is $3.00 per pair.

It is actually pretty simple, if you want to learn how to do this, I’ll demonstrate the method and show you what tools you need to do this yourself, both of which can be acquired for less than $15.

When I was a boy I carried a pocket knife with me to school. Try that nowadays. I was also a boy scout, and my dad hunted and fished. In addition, dad was a pretty decent cook, and always made the meals when we had a gang at the farm for hunting seasons and other occasions. My dad could use a steel to sharpen knives in a way that, when I was a boy, looked magical. In my father’s skilled hands the blade flew over the surface of the steel in a fast rhythmic action at just the right angle to feather the edge of the knife. My brother and I were also helping to butcher deer while in junior high school. The fact that I owned my own pocket knife combined with my father’s instruction concerning all things with a cutting edge eventually produced a kid who could sharpen his own knives. Through the natural progression of my learning experience I also learned to sharpen hatchets, axes, chain saws, utility knife blades, scissors, pretty much anything with a cutting blade.

I have had the same pair of fly tying scissors for 20 years. They are obviously my favorite pair, the ones I use for 90% of my tying.  If I did not occasionally sharpen them they would have been replaced.
I always try to have a nice display at the shows and I also try to think of new ways to present my products, and in this economy I got the idea that sharpening scissors would be another service, kind of exclusive because I can’t say I know many other tiers who sharpen their own scissors.

4 comments on “Sharpening Fly Tying Scissors

  1. I really should learn how to sharpen scissors as i’m using 5-6 pairs a year right now. I tie a few thousand flies every year, so I like to keep them sharp, but I have a box of decent scissors in need of a sharpen.

    Don, like your Dad, I have a background in the kitchen and sharpen my own knives. People are always surprised that my pocket knife is so sharp and that my kitchen knives can actually cut.

    You’ll need to show me the how-to in Ontario when you come up for the IWFFC show.

    • Hey Darren, bring that box along with you to the IWFFC show; let’s see — several years worth of your dull scissors, multiplied by three dollars, ought to keep me busy the entire show…or at least pay my gas money. LOL! Sure, I’ll gladly demo the technique, if you know how to keep a knife sharp, you can do the same with your scissors. One barely has to be smarter than a fifth grader to do it… ;- )
      You and I share that “kitchen background.” My friends love my cooking…except for the “picky eaters.”
      Cheers, and thanks for the comment!

  2. Kelly L says:

    Don that is a great idea for sure. If I lived nearby I’d certainly get you to show me how to sharpen my own scissors etc… I don’t know how many tyers do their own sharpening either, not many I bet!

    • Hey Kelly, thanks for the comment here, I have sharpened several of my students scissors at classes and last year, through the grapevine a friend fellow tier from Jamestown, NY, heard a rumor about me, and I touched up a couple pairs of his at the Valley Forge Show last March. I also would consider a mail-order service on this…there’s nothing worse than a dull pair of scissors. Thanks!

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