Carrie Stevens Streamers – Collector Sets

I finished these two sets of my Carrie Stevens Streamers, Collector’s Set No. 1; last week for a couple orders that I received from Here is the link to the merchandise page:

I posted this photo of both sets together partly for the artistic image of the patterns and colors of the flies, but moreover I wanted to illustrate one of my mantras on fly tying instruction: “Fly tiers should endeavor to develop good habits of uniformity and continuity in all their tying, regardless of the type or style of flies being tied. Flies of the same pattern and size should look like clones.”

Carrie Stevens Streamers Collector's Edition - Set No. 1 - tied and packaged by Don Bastian.

I really love tying flies, all types of flies, and wet flies in particular have become my most-recognized type of flies, but these Carrie Stevens streamers and other traditional styles of flies are right up there in my enjoyment of tying.

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