Shang’s Favorite – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

Shang's Favorite - Carrie Stevens streamer pattern tied by Don Bastian on Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek / Carrie Stevens Streamer Hook, Size #1 - 8x

My earlier post today about fly tying weekends at my family cabin was partly occupied with my diligent work on these flies. This is the Carrie Stevens pattern – Shang’s Favorite.

Shang’s Favorite

Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Red floss

Rib: Flat silver tinsel

Belly: White bucktail

Throat: White hackle fibers

Wing: Four to six strands of peacock herl and four natural grizzly hackles

Shoulder: Duck breast feather dyed red (I used chicken – Whiting American Hen Cape). Nice and rounded, and I had the benefit of selecting them from the “file cabinet” of the cape.

Cheek: Jungle cock

Head: Black with a red band

Below are some more photos of the Shang’s Favorite in mixed hook sizes:

Shang's Favorite streamers - an eight-pack mix of hook sizes - #1 - 6x and 8x, and #2 - 8x.

Shang's Favorite streamers - head-to-head. Four coats of head cement.

Shang's Favorite streamers - Heads, shoulders, and cheeks...I believe the use of the banded head is a tribute to and in honor of Carrie Stevens, designating the patterns as being her original creations.

These streamers were all made by assembling the complete wings, shoulders, and cheeks ahead of time. I prefer Elmer’s rubber cement for this. You can use it from the bottle without letting it sit, thereby avoiding the “wait” before you can begin having the fun and excitement (really!) of wing assembly a la Stevens style. When I started these I didn’t make plan to make eight because I knew, or thought I knew, I was not going to make that many. I started with three sets of wings. As noted in my earlier post today, I got on a roll. Glad I have them made, my inventory is in a bit better condition. At least on this item…

The additional Steven’s patterns named after Charles E. “Shang” Wheeler, the Shang’s Special and Charles E. Wheeler will follow along behind these flies, eight of each of those patterns too. These are the first sets of this series in the numbered collector’s editions Carrie Stevens streamers that are I am placing on my selling page of 

This Collector’s Set No. 2 featuring the flies named after Charles E. “Shang” Wheeler are currently listed on

18 comments on “Shang’s Favorite – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

  1. Eunan says:

    Don, those are beauties. Since I discovered I’ve become totally enamored with the Rangeley Style streamers of Carrie Stevens. Another project added to the list.
    I have a question about the banded heads – do you complete the head in all black and then add the red band or do you tie them consecutively, black, red then black?

    • Hi Eunan;
      Thanks! I barely posted these photos, you were like, waiting to pounce on the post! Like a cat after a bird! I mean that in a good way! Thank you very much! You are very observant — I used to do the heads in black and then add the red band. But head cement darkens the red into obscurity. I use red Danville Flymaster 6/0 for attaching the wings, then build up the middle portion, flattening it for the finish, so there is a solid band of red. The the black is added fore and aft, flattening that as well, in two separate wraps and whip finishes. Thanks again for your compliments and comment!

      • Eunan says:

        I found the exact problem you mentioned about darkening of the head when I experimented on a couple flies, so it seemed logical they were tied separately. Just thought I’d confirm my own suspicions, and you gave me a great tip for using the red at wing time!

        As for the pounce – I got the email through about your post and had a look. The flies really look good and I have virtually all materials to tie them (even the red hen cape), so maybe you’ll see some of my efforts posted soon somewhere!

  2. Kelly L says:

    Don, these are magnificent flies. I love how your heads turn out right too. I struggle with the band. I am gonna try your method here, and see how it goes.

    • Thank you Kelly! One could also use white thread for the head “foundation” and then finish off with the individual colors as necessary. I used to do that but now start with whatever color the band is, and use black only to finish them off.

      • Kelly L says:

        I have used white, then red on top…but mine didn’t come out like your’s do. You have the touch!

  3. Wonderful flies Don. It’s mesmerizing to see them all arranged in a circle as such. it reminds me of some of Jerome Molloy’s photos he took with dozens of his Atlantic Salmon flies arranged in an almost fractal image.

  4. Bruce says:

    Very pretty flies, Don. Elmer’s Rubber cement? Is that what I think it is? You can buy it in any store?

  5. Marc Fauvet says:

    Just too nice not to share these Don. I hope you don’t mind that I put up a little post and link to your page. Thanks again for showing your wonderful work !

  6. Hugh Kelly says:

    And don’t forget, that streamer is a very serious fish taker up here!

  7. Hi Hugh;
    Thank you for your input — I admit I never fished the Shang’s Favorite, but I’d like to. Hey, a great excuse to go fishing! Test out a “new” pattern…! Thanks for your comment, appreciate it!
    Will I see you in Brewer or Freeport next month?

  8. Those are phenomenal Don! Not just because I’m from the south either – red and grey just go great together and the way you have them displayed and photographed is exquisite and makes them shine!


  9. […] If you want to see them tied perfectly, check out Don Bastian’s tying of Shang’s Favorite on his blog… […]

  10. John Roalef says:

    The throat looks like white schlappen.If not would that be a good substitute?

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