A Word of Thanks…

I would like to take this opportunity to write a short post thanking my readers that have become followers of my blog. It is exciting and gratifying to see this number increase, and through the comments that you kind folks have made, it appears that at least once in a while, I am able to present material of substance that you find informative, interesting, and enjoyable. The year-end stats report from WordPress contained some very interesting information, and I am pleased to see the steady increase in daily, weekly, and monthly visitors. Sometimes it makes me laugh, as on the day I saw the google search term, “married wings for morons.”


It is also fascinating to track-back some of the visiting sites – fly fishing and tying sites in Germany, Russia, Norway, Canada, England, as well as individuals from New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Argentina, Spain, and other countries. One link I clicked on delivered me to my blog, but I only knew that because of the photos – couldn’t read it because it had been translated to Russian. Our world is becoming smaller, or seemingly so, through this instant communication that allows us to become friends and share knowledge with people we may never have otherwise met.

I also wish to thank those of you who are not subscribers but have informed me that you check my blog regularly. It is affirming to know that my work and fun of tying flies is appreciated. I am grateful for your comments and suggestions. I hope to be able to continue to improve and expand my topics and subject matter. Thank you!   —  Don Bastian