Vintage Silkworm Gut For Sale

A friend and fellow fly tier, Roger Plourde, of Plainville, Connecticut, has vintage silkworm gut for sale. He says he has enough to support me posting an announcement here so I am presenting a couple photos of the vintage cards and the information to go about placing an order. Roger is one of the contributing fly tiers for my upcoming book, Favorite Fishing Flies – 1892, and he has already completed his patterns and I must say they are extremely well-tied. He and friend Paul Rossman cooperated to dye some of the materials for the flies that Roger was tying, and they even used antique methods, like dyeing with onion skins to obtain certain colors. Well, I am digressing, but Roger is a very good fly tier and I was pleased to have his participation in my book, which is still in the stage of continuing work.

This gut is the same brand that I have used for antique fly replications that I have previously posted here.

Photos below:

This is antique silkworm gut, made by Ataka and Co. Ltd. in occupied Japan, so that dates it to post World War II. Roger Plourde has these carded coils of gut for sale in different sizes. This photo was taken with flash.

4# Silkworm gut, photo taken without flash. The actual color of the cards is more yellowed as in the flash photo.

If interested in ordering any of this gut, contact Roger Plourde at:

His inventory presently contains these sizes: 3 – 4 – 6 – 12 – 15 lb.test cards of 10 yds. for $15.00 per card. There is a small added charge for postage.

17 comments on “Vintage Silkworm Gut For Sale

  1. Catskilljohn says:

    Thanks for that Don, I picked some up at Somerset from him to add to the light supply I already had, this stuff is not real easy to find and in the fine sizes, you can twist it in 2 or three strands for larger salmon patterns.

    I have been using it for the small wets I have been tying lately, and its both easy to work with and strong, not like some of the antique silkworm gut that brittles. I have fished this stuff in the 4# test size, and never broke off a fish. I did have one of my loops pull out, and have since been knotting a loop instead of lashing one together. John

  2. Kelly L says:

    I have used gut a little bit in the past. I got a couple of sizes for when I get around to doing the Marbury flies…that I have been procrastinating on. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on this Don.

  3. Shane Federico says:

    Would like to purchase a few cards of gut
    Are they still for sale? Thanks

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  5. Thomas Thomas says:

    Please tell me where I can buy silkworm gut to tie classic salmon flies.

    Thank you

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Thomas;
      The information in my initial blog post contains a contact name and e-mail address to buy the gut I wrote about. He still has some for sale.
      Thanks for your interest!

  6. Mike Junge says:

    Is the gut still available as of this date, 3.21.13 ?

  7. any left over for sale in the 4-6 lbs

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Michel;
      Roger still has some gut for sale, you’ll need to contact him at the e-mail address in the post. The cost has also been increased to $15.00 / card. Thanks for your inquiry!

  8. Mark says:

    Looking for single strand or twisted (3) strands….do you still have any available?

  9. steven fitton says:

    i would like to buy a package of the 12 lb.

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