Only A Fly Tier…

This is going to be a short post, partly to let everyone know that I am back home where I have access to my own equipment computer, at least for a few days before I head off to the Izaak Walton 37th Annual Fly Fishing Forum in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend. I just have a short, sort of funny post to write.

There are some quirky habits and behaviors that are peculiar to fly tiers. Well, there’s a surprise. Like last Saturday, my brother Larry got into my car to ride home after my wet fly class at Pineland Farms Market Cafe near New Gloucester, Maine. The class was a success and I’ll try to write a review of that later on.

Anyway, as we started to drive away, Larry asked, “What’s this?” as he reached into one of the little cubby-holes between the front bucket seats and pulled out a sealed bottle of Grif’s Thin Head Cement. “You have head cement in your car?” he queried me in a rather surprised tone of voice.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Most people have gum in there. Or Altoids. Or Lifesavers,” he observed.

“Well, I got a bottle of head cement. It’s been there for a couple weeks now. I haven’t taken it into the house. Haven’t needed it.” I replied. Then after a pause, I added, “I am a fly tier.”

Added / edited this morning, March 28th: My friend Bill posted a comment that Grif’s is no longer available. Yes that’s right folks, one of my favorite head-cements, the Thin which I used as a first coat on anything and everything that was in my vise for almost 20 years, and the Thick, which I started using for smooth, glossy heads (underneath black ProLak sometimes) when Hille’s Lacquer Cement was no longer available, is not manufactured any more. What is in inventory wherever it is will be all there is. Here is a location that bought the remaining stock of Grif’s from Wapsi in February: Fishing Creek Angler, Fly Shop and Bed & Breakfast, Benton, Pennsylvania. For now they have some…

There is also a link to their website on my links bar on the right.

12 comments on “Only A Fly Tier…

  1. fishingwithflies says:

    Hi Don, Sometimes when I run out of space in my playroom….err, I mean den… I just let things pile up in the car. I guess that is one reason I’ve driven various vans since about 1977.

  2. Tim Dwinal says:

    Don, what a fantastic tying class at Pineland Farms!

    • Thank you for the compliment Tim! I am glad you and Sarah were able to come, I hope you found it helpful…as we discussed at lunch, you both need permanent tying stations so you can take advantage of little blocks of time here & there to tie more often…practice works wonders! Thanks again!

  3. says:

    I’ve got a few packs of ram’s wool in my car right now…. not sure why, but, I’m a fly tyer. I was hoping to make it down to the show to see you, but I’m not 100% sure If I’ll be able to get there now.

    • Hi Darren;
      Thanks for your comment! I hope to see you this weekend…your remark, echoing my closing line can excuse a LOT of unusual behaviors…lol! Maybe I’ll have to keep something tying related in the car all the time…like I used to.
      I once had an olive Bead-head Caddis Larva nymph stuck into the sun visor of my 1990 Ford Aerostar van for several years…

  4. Dave Lomasney says:

    The license plate says it all !…..welcome back to the WWW!

    • Hi Dave;
      Yeah, the license plate — NYMPHS! Proud of it!
      I’m known for the wet flies and some for streamers, but if people only knew my nymphing background…I have been thinking of starting to diversify my blog more…I have some thoughts on nymphing that fly opposite to some conventional views and statements, but it’s hard for me to believe what other people tell me when I know from personal experience that thing are different. Another time…hey, really good seeing you at the L. L. Bean Expo!
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Bill says:

    Be careful with that Griff’s, Donnie; they’re not making it anymore.

    • Hi Bill;
      Yes I know that…Grif’s is going to get like Overton’s Wonder Wax…geez, someone told me some “new” sticks of that are going as high as $50 on eBay…sorry, it’s not THAT good…
      I’ll be posting an outlet where Grif’s Thick and Thin is still available…
      Thanks for your comment!

  6. emblock says:

    Made me chuckle, as I have similar substances in my car. But I like to think these eccentricities make us endlessly interesting. Right? 🙂

    • Hi Erin;
      You are absolutely right, ‘eccentricities’ do make us interesting. Al in our own individual ways. Some folks however, hate the eccentricities of others…I guess those folks aren’t your friends though…not usually…thanks for your comment!

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