The Ray Bergman Collection – Hatches Magazine

Many people are aware of the Ray Bergman Collection of wet fly patterns at Hatches Magazine, though I spoke to a number of folks over the weekend at the 37th Annual Izaak Walton League Canadian Fly Fishing Forum that have been visitors to my blog who were not yet familiar with “The Bergman Collection.” Perhaps a review is in order. This project is an ongoing wet fly photo and pattern recipe gallery that will contain 483 flies when complete. These wet fly patterns were all sourced from the three trout fishing books by Ray Bergman: Just Fishing – 1932; Trout – 1938, 1952, 1976, and 2000, and With Fly Plug and Bait – 1947. The patterns were all tied and photographed by me. This particular set of flies was the third time that I have tied my way through each one of the wet fly patterns from the color plates of Ray Bergman’s books. These flies are mounted in a ten-frame set and are presently in the hands of a private collector. These framed wet fly reproductions from Ray Bergman’s books can be ordered at

This is the link to the ten-frame set; individual frames can be ordered as well as a custom-frame of 48 wet fly patterns of your choice. will soon have a Custom Order Page for my products. is convenient, customer-friendly, secure site. All the orders come directly to me or to the numerous other talented tiers on the site. Flies Made in America for sure. No flies from Sri-Lanka, Kenya, Thailand, or Hong Kong tied by folks that never saw a trout.

I have attached a few photos of the more recent additions to the Bergman Collection at Hatches Magazine:

No. 169 - Ibis and White. This is a newer photo, taken in 2011, than most of the other pattern images taken a year earlier.

Ibis and White:

Thread:    Danville Flymaster White 6/0 for body, black for head

Tag:        Gold tinsel

Tail:       Red and white, married

Rib:        Gold tinsel

Body:     Red floss

Hackle:   Red and white, mixed

Wing:       Red and white, married in equal parts

There had been some delay in posting the patterns, but lately the pace has picked up. Ten more patterns were just added, increasing the present total to 193. Here is a link to the Bergman Collection:

The introductory article I wrote there was published in September 2010 when the Bergman Collection was first started. It contains information relative to the project, patterns, and also discusses the terminology and some recipe changes. Interesting historical information about the once-endangered status of wood ducks there too. Feel free to vote and rate the article on the Hatches site if you enjoy it. I hope you find this information useful. I have also added a link to the Ray Bergman Collection on my blog.

A couple more photos and recipes below:

Bergman Collection No. 180 - Jay - Yellow.

Jay – Yellow

Thread:   Danville Flymaster White 6/0 for body, black for head.

Tail:     Yellow hackle fibers

Body:   Yellow floss

Hackle: Yellow

Wing:    European jay wing coverts, paired back-to-back.

Head:    Black

The Jay – Yellow, Jay – Silver, and Jay – Blue in Bergman’s books were possibly given a slight name change by Ray Bergman. In one of his books, he wrote of the rather confusing proliferation of naming pattern variations and suggested that to help keep order to this growing problem, that pattern variations should be named with the original name first, then a suffix designating the variation. He did this with the Cahill, and then suggested rather than naming the variations the Gold Cahill, Light Cahill, Yellow Cahill, that it should be Cahill – Gold, Cahill – Light, Cahill – Yellow…obviously this never caught on.

There is also a pattern in Bergman’s Trout named the Blue Jay, similar to the Jay Yellow and the other two jay-winged patterns, but it is different from the Jay – Blue.

J. Edson Leonard’s 1950 book, Flies, has them all listed under Blue Jay Nos. 1, 2, and 3. Still a bit confusing…

No. 187 - Kate.


Thread: Danville Flymaster White 6/0 for body, black for head

Tag:     Flat gold tinsel

Tail:   Golden pheasant tippet

Rib:    Gold tinsel

Body:    Real 1/2 yellow floss; front 1/2 red floss

Hackle:    Black

Wing:    Cinnamon (Orpington cock) or dyed duck quill

Head:    Black

10 comments on “The Ray Bergman Collection – Hatches Magazine

  1. Kelly L says:

    Thank you Don. Your wet fly collection is sheer master class. It has been a while since I visited it. I appreciate all the hard work that you did on this. Incredible!

    • Hello Kelly;
      Thank you for your comment and thanks for your words of encouragement and appreciation of my work. It’s still hard for me to consider it “work.” Thanks!

      • Kelly L says:

        Well an artist describes their paintings as their work. Individually it might be described as a piece, or a piece of work. It is a labor of love, not work possibly in a literal sense. Some flies can be considered work though, in my opinion, at least for me…lol. Golden tippet shoulders for one, can be WORK. Anyway, your beautiful flies make my day. I appreciate the dedication, and beauty of such little masterpieces.

  2. Marc Fauvet says:

    and what a collection indeed !
    thank you Don for sharing this. what a treat !

  3. Larry says:

    The patterns & pix on the Hatches website are “Killer!!!”
    You are truly the “Master!!”
    Keep up the GREAT work.

    • Larry;
      Thank you for your kind and supportive comments of y work. I appreciate it very much! Keeping it up, yes, most likely I will, as long as I have life, breath, good eyesight, and as yet, NO arthritis… 🙂 !!!!

  4. Jim Bennett. says:

    Love your flies Don, true works of art .

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