Wet Fly Box

My good friend, Truman, aka, “TG”, with whom I have spent a few weekends recently tying flies at my cabin – see this post:

https://donbastianwetflies.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/cabin-weekend-fly-tying-session/ has just today completed the filling of his Wheatley swing-leaf clip wet fly box for our fall trip to the Moosehead Lake Region of Maine. Here are the photos he sent me of his wet fly box:

Going from memory, seriously, I’m not looking any of these patterns up – Top half: Unknown, Yellow Dun, Something (yeah that is the actual name of the fly and not a feigned guess), Roosevelt, Royal Coachman, Allerton, unknown.

Bottom half: Whirling Blue Dun, Alexandra, Fosnot, Emma, Neverwas, Hawthorne, Forsyth. So far not too bad for an old fly tier.

OK, here’s more guessing on my part (It’s after eleven PM and I’m kinda tired); Top half: Rube Wood, Beatrice, King of the Waters, Black Gnat, unknown, Bishop, Rich Widow.

Bottom half: McGinty, Queen of the Waters, White King, Katydid, Trout Fin, Olive Dun, Alder. Edited April 11, 2012: I missed another one…TG told me the one I thought was the Olive Dun is actually the Cowdung.

And the last compartment of Truman’s wet fly box:

All photos by T. G. McMullan. So, 28 different patterns in his box, and yes, I speak truthfully when I say I named these patterns from memory, without looking them up. I am very appreciative of the good old-fashioned friendly support and interest in wet flies, and in my blog. Thanks to your support my blog statistics are continually increasing.

On these 28 patterns; I only missed three…(Actually four – as noted above, the one photo, the Cowdung was erroneously thought by me to be the Olive Dun). As I say, (still) not too bad for an old fly tier. Nice work TG! Now I know that I don’t have to do any tying for “our” trip. 😉 I can just plan the meals and think about where we’re going to fish…thanks buddy!