Tips and Information – Easier Use of This Blog

I would like to note a couple things that may make my blog simpler for my subscribers and visitors to use and a little easier to navigate. Easier to find things you may be looking for…

I am very busy tying for orders right now; a diversity of flies – some classic wets, some nymphs, and drys in the form of mayfly duns, spinners, and emergers. I am also working to develop a complete list of my original patterns that I have created over the last 25 years. I didn’t realize until I started my “list” that there are so many patterns. For one thing, I haven’t posted many of my original classic-style wet fly patterns anywhere, except (writing like I often do from memory), the High Priestess, Riffle King, Riffle Queen, Guinea Blue Bottle, Yellow Page, Orange Ibis…those are the ones I can remember at this moment. Including those patterns, some of which go back to postings in early 2010 when I began my blog, I have exactly 50 different wet flies in traditional style patterns that I created.

Then I have (presently) eight streamers, and about a dozen nymph, emerger, and dry patterns, not to mention a number of original Wooly Bugger designs, most of them created back in the early to mid-1980’s before the Bugger ever made it into national fly tackle catalogs around 1988-1989. That my friends, is another story in and of itself…and one in the works. I have told many audiences at various presentations over the years about my introduction to the Wooly Bugger, and then I always add, “That fly almost destroyed my fly tying and fishing career.” The actual number of all my original patterns is pushing close to 90 or so.

I am also writing some articles and getting ready for some fishing, not to mention that now warm weather has arrived I need to be doing some outdoor work and grass mowing.

Anyway, for easier use of my blog:

1) All the photos have a triple click feature; you can click once to enlarge the image, then a second click enlarges the image to full screen.

2) There is also a search tab. My friend Peter Frailey, superb photographer, who has an excellent blog: asked me about that this morning. My search tab is a little lower than it should be to get “noticed.” I might be able to move it up to a more prominent position, but the technical maintenance of this site is something I learn slowly. The search tab is right under the calendar. All you have to do is type in any word or phrase you are looking for and all the topics that match the words and phrases will come up.

3) Feel free to send me an e-mail at anytime if you have questions, suggestions, or comments.

Thank you all for your continued patronage and support of my work! I am very grateful to each of you. Tight lines and threads, boys and girls!

4 comments on “Tips and Information – Easier Use of This Blog

  1. Kelly L says:

    Thank you for the hints on using your blog Don. I look forward to seeing your original patterns. You brought up something that gave me an idea. I too need to make a list of my original patterns. I have made several. I keep them on my computer mostly in documents, with the recipe, and photo of each. But I have never made a running list. This is an excellent idea. I even started a list of the patterns that I am tying this year. Your blog is my favorite one that I visit. It is always a treat, thank you.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hello Kelly;
      As always, thank you so much for your support and devotion to my work. I am always pleased when anything I post has a positive impact on my readers. It’s a little secret (well, once-upon-a-time it was), among me and a few of my friends and former guide clients, but I found out in January that one of my original patterns – that is actually one of what we here in PA call a “junk fly” has found its way to Montana and the Bighorn River. And who knows where else…? I have a combination of pride, because of the ingenuity that led me to successfully “augment” an existing pattern for specific sight-fishing situations, and yet at the same time I am embarassed to admit, I created that “stupid thing.” It has caught LOTS of trout. And a few landlocked salmon too.
      The bottom line is about our life and livelihood…so one of these days that “damn junk fly” will be here among all the historic classics. In the end, it’s all about thd creativity of flies to catch fish. Thanks for your comments, observations, and for sharing some of your knowledge, too. Appreciate it!

  2. Brian Mac Elroy says:

    Hey Donnie, Jack, Frank, etc. Wish I was with ya’. Donnie, you’re a Putz but thanks for the good story! See ya’ soon. Lil Putz

    • Don Bastian says:

      OK Brian,
      I only let you get away with this a la Grumpier Old Men, and putz, moron, and a few other choice terms of male endearment, etc. You gotta try to come fishin’ up here…!

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