Wet Fly Class – May 25 at L. L. Bean

Parmacheene Belle – the original Lake Fly version presented in the Orvis books of 1883 and 1892.

L. L. Bean Schedules Classic Wet Fly Class

The Hunting and Fishing Store of L. L. Bean in Freeport, Maine, has scheduled me to teach a classic wet fly class on Friday, May 25th, 2012.

There is a registration fee of $10.00. Bean’s is donating the proceeds from this class to Trout Unlimited. The hours of the session are from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. This class is for intermediate and advanced fly tiers.

We will be tying historic trout wet fly patterns, focusing on the tying of patterns primarily of Maine origin, featuring the original dressing for the Parmacheene Belle illustrated above, created by Henry Wells in the 1880′s. The Governor Alvord shown below is also on the class list. A video camera will be utilized to illustrate detailed step-by-step tying procedures on a large flat-screen TV.

The class will include detailed instruction and student participation of some standard style dressings using a variety of techniques and materials with the purpose of teaching the necessary procedures for tying winged wet flies. Full explanation and revelation of the “mysteries” of tying single strip quill wing and married-wing wet flies is the goal of this class, which is just one good reason to sign up.

And here is another good reason in the form of a student testimonial:

I taught a class on Sunday March 24th at the Penobscot Fly Fishers Class in Brewer, Maine. During the first morning break, an elderly tier came up to me during the mid-morning break and stated, “I have struggled with these wings for years. You have solved my problems in a half-hour with your instruction.”

The pattern and material list will be provided upon registration. In addition to vise, light, and tools, the students are requested to bring the necessary materials, which will also be available for purchase in the L. L. Bean fly tying department.

Class size is limited to ten, to register contact Ed Gauvin at L. L. Bean:


For reservations by phone call: 207-552-6677, ext. 17714; or toll-free:  800-221-4221, ext: 17714.

Feel free to also contact Don Bastian with any questions.  dwbastian@chilitech.net

Registrations are being accepted at the registers in the Hunting and Fishing Store and by phone or e-mail. A good class in anticipated! Thank you for your interest!

Governor Alvord – pattern from Favorite Flies and Their Histories, Mary Orvis Marbury.

8 comments on “Wet Fly Class – May 25 at L. L. Bean

  1. Dan Glover says:

    Love those flies. I would love to attend another class but Maine is waaaaay to far to drive

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Dan;
      Thanks for your comment! I think Great Feathers will have me back there for a weekend in October. Maybe I’ll see you then…thanks and have a great season!

  2. John Larsen says:


    I was planning on driving up from MA for the class, but life got in the way. Wish I could be there. I know it will be an outstanding class. Anyone who has a chance to make it to the class should. I had pre-registered and had to cancel, but spots were available as of last Saturday.

    John Larsen

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thanks for letting me know John, and thanks for the plug. Too bad you can’t make it, we’ll miss having you. There will be more class opportunities I’m sure. Have a great weekend!

  3. Kelly L says:

    If I lived close, I’d sure go for lessons. I could sure use them! These are two great little flies you posted Don. I am glad you are sharing all that knowledge. The art must live on!

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Kelly, yeah it’s a long ways from Texas to Maine for a fly tying class. lol Though I once had a fellow book a flight from Florida to PA to do just that. Thank you for your appreciation of the flies, the Governor Alvord was in a post a few months back…I was going to do this Marbury version (differing from Bergman’s Trout with the gold tag and palmered hackle on half the body, and put it there and forgot. Thanks again, always nice to hear from you!

  4. David Rivers says:

    The class was great. Talk about personal attention! I have Long been intimidated attaching the wings on wet flies but not any more! I truly enjoyed the class and your friendly easy going style. The 3 hour trip was well worth it. I will sign up for your streamer class this fall. Again thank you.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thank you for coming, for taking the risk of a three-hour drive to spend the day with me. 😉 I am very pleased that you enjoyed the class. You all did great, and it was reaffirming to have everyone progress and improve through the day. Once a class I’m teaching gets underway, in this case getting the TV camera working properly, I settle into a mode of relaxation. That is because I really enjoy teaching and sharing what I have learned over the years. Some instructors hold back, and don’t teach all their tricks. As you can see, I don’t.
      The class in September should be a good one…I’m planning an itinerary featuring Rangeley style streamers, Carrie Stevens cemented wings pre-assembly method, and other Maine streamer patterns. I’ll make an announcement on that in a couple weeks. Thanks again for coming to the class, and thanks for your review of the day! I Appreciate it very much!

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