More photos and text

I’d like to announce that I just posted three new photos that my niece Emily sent me this morning, and I wrote significant additional text in the story, They Went Turkey Hunting, which is a report on some striped bass fishing in Maine over Memorial Day weekend with my brother and his daughter. The permalink:

4 comments on “More photos and text

  1. mike says:

    Not to change the subject but going back to your Big Pine post, Don this week of cool showery weather should keep the water temps nice for the Pine as well as the Sock. Had a ball on the Sock 2 weekends ago with Slate Drakes. This past weekend the water was high and muddy. Why this came to mind was your post of the slate drake nymphs. Most of my fish taken came on your nymphs I purchased from you years ago when you had your mail order catalog. I’m down to 2 left; soon time to order more!!! The sad part is last years flood really did a number on the Sock.

    • Hi Mike;
      Thanks for your comments on the fishing locally here in Pennsylvania. I was very pleased to hear that you caught trout on my Slate Drake nymphs! Nice! That is my friend Dave Rothrock’s pattern; I made a few minor tweaks to it. Let me know when you need more.
      You are right about the floods last fall, especially Hurricane Lee. That storm and torrential rain and rain and rain really did a number on the Sock and its tribs. The gauge broke on a steep climb, passing 70,000 cfs. At an historic high water level of 145,000 cfs for the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, the Loyalsock was carrying prit’ near half the capacity the river was. It took out the Slabtown Bridge, the old Reading railroad bridge at Montoursville, and sections of PA. Rt. 87.
      I’m going to post the latest fishing report from the Slate Run Tackle Shop. You should come fishing over here!

  2. Hey Donnie, You have a way with words, great article

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thanks Rick!
      I appreciate your friendship and kind words on my article. Thank you!
      It won’t actually be long; just a couple months until TG and I are up there fishin’ with you. It’ll be just like old times! Looking forward to it!

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