Heritage Day – Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Event June 16th

Tomorrow I will be demonstrating fly tying, and talkin’ fishin’ and tyin’ at the Annual Heritage Day Event for the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum. The event is held at Allenberry in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. The event is right on the banks of the historic Yellow Breeches Creek. Here is a link with information to the event.


The food is great! A caterer comes and cooks hotdogs, burgers, grilled chicken, and these are served with a buffet of sides and desserts. Meal tickets must be purchased in advance. This is always a fun-filled event. If you can manage to attend, please stop by for a visit. I plan to tie my Extended Body Slate Drake patterns and my Extended Body Floating Inchworm. I am also always happy to tie married-wing wet flies on request.

2 comments on “Heritage Day – Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Event June 16th

  1. Norman Plourde says:

    Sounds like a grand time. You must do an amazing amount of mileage.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Norm;
      Thanks for your input here! It will be a grand time, if last year has anything to do in comparison. At least I doubt there will be delays of any sort due to belt-sander races. Ha!
      At times I do put on the miles. Thanks again for your comment! Nice of you to drop by! Have a good season!

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