This Carrie Stevens pattern was originally included in another post I wrote last August;

This Victory is more recently tied, and I am experimenting with a different type of set up for the photos, placing the fly upright rather than flat against a background. This allows me to play with depth-of-field, which can place more emphasis on the fly. This fly is another addition to my Carrie Stevens Pattern Dictionary. Below is the Victory:

Victory – Carrie Stevens pattern, tied and photographed by Don Bastian.

The Victory

Thread: White Danville 3/0 monocord for the body.

Carrie Stevens used white buttonhole thread for her body work. I discovered that while visiting the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont on June 13, 2012. Part of the present display, A Graceful Rise, a tribute to women in fly tying and fishing, included photos of Austin Hogan’s notes and drawings that he painstakingly made in the early 1960’s of Carrie’s fly tying methods. I also recently learned from Mike Martinek that Austin actually deconstructed some of Carrie’s streamers to validate his work. Later on Mike became friends with Austin, and together the two of them also deconstructed some of Carrie’s patterns. He told me they had a few with hook points broken off, or were missing a cheek, etc. The use of the buttonhole thread is just one of the discoveries I made there. I know I am going to keep everyone in suspense, but I’m will reveal this information at a later date, after I’ve had time to study it more thoroughly.

Hook: This pattern is dressed on a Gaelic Supreme Martinek / Stevens Rangeley Style Streamer Hook. Any long shank streamer hook may be used.

Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Tail: Red hackle fibers, about equal to hook gape

Rib: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Red floss

Belly: White bucktail

Throat: Red

Wing: Two light blue hackles flanked on each side by one gray hackle

Cheeks: Jungle cock

Head: Red, white, and blue, in that order back to front. I use Danville Flymaster 6/0 #47 red, #1 White, and Blue 3/0 monocord, which since it is not listed on the Danville Chenille Company web site, I assume is discontinued. I also have a couple spools of Danville Blue Flymaster 6/0 that is not their #507 flourescent blue. That must also be a discontinued color.

Victory – mounted, carded. I have loved this traditional style streamer and bucktail carded packaging ever since I saw it the first time thirty years ago. Nowadays we use plastic sleeves. Before that there was cellophane, and before that, in the days when Carrie Stevens, Herb Welch, Gardiner Percy of Percy Tackle Company, Bill Edson, Chief Needabah, and other Maine and New England fly tiers sold their streamers, the favored material in use was a wax paper-like substance called glassine.

There is just something classic about the look of carded streamers and bucktails.

14 comments on “Victory

  1. eunanhendron says:

    Great post Don, are you posting all the patriot series flies?

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Eunan;
      Thanks for your comment! Actually I will be posting her patriotic set of four, individually. They were all in group photos previously, but these are part of the ongoing Carrie Stevens Pattern Dictionary that I am creating here. And the four of these patterns together will be grouped as Set No. 3; part of my series of Carrie Stevens Collector’s Edition Sets for sale, soon to be posted on Glad you liked it! Thanks again!

  2. Terry Chapman says:

    Striking fly and that’s a pun intended! I have a question: when I look for streamer feathers, I seem to find mostly feathers that have bends in the wrong places. Is it just me or do I just need to look at far more feathers to find the “good ones’?

  3. Kelly L says:

    Magnificent tie there Don! Thanks for that recipe too. I love this series you have been working on. The four would make a great looking frame with them in there, with the Victory Series label. Yes, I think that would be a good seller for you!!
    Hint hint….

  4. Bob Vincent says:

    Hi Don,

    Great fly, great picture. Thanks

    Bob V.

  5. Janice Moore says:

    Is it possible to buy these or one of these flies, i would like to purchase one and have it framed for my husband for Christmas. He is always showing me these and others I just don’t know where i can get one for him.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Christmas tying is out of the question. I have a serious medical ussie that is giving me a surgery operation Monday November 19, 2018. Thanks for your interest. Stay in touch a few months later.

      • Janice Moore says:

        Oh goodness will be praying for your surgery and recovery, i will check back with you in a few months.

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