This is hilarious! SPAM. Everyday, I get it. On my blog it comes into a SPAM folder. I will say WordPress is good about that. And anyone new that has never made a comment here previously needs to be approved by me first. When last Christmas Day I posted a couple excellently tied wet flies, the Black Doctor and Silver Doctor by Michael, my friend from Russia, I had and was very thankful for, a Russian invasion. My first day with over 500 visits, over 300 of these came from Russian websites. Now I get Russian SPAM. Good thing the Cold War is over. I get SPAM in other languages that I can not recognize, even Chinese. I think.

But for the last week, I have been getting this same line, cleverly re-written, and inserted into different leading lines, and it’s coming from a score of different sites. There’s the usual stuff like on-line sex-dating, buy cialis, viagara, discount prom-dresses, etc. But I decided to post this one so you, my faithful readers can see what “cyberspace” is really thinking:

Remember this is my SPAM talking, even the phrasing, punctuation and incomplete sentences:

“I tend not to leave many comments, however after browsing a few of the remarks here Ace of Spades Streamer Don Bastian Wet Flies. I do have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. Is it only me or does it look as if like a few of these responses look as if they are left by brain dead individuals?”

End of SPAM, back to me: To borrow a line from Larry the Cable Guy, “That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.”

Perhaps a “brain-dead individual” wrote that line in the first place.

Giant Golden Witch Streamer

I had a special request late last winter to dress a Golden Witch on a large hook a customer provided for me.

For size reference, this Golden Witch is shown above a Colonel Bates that is dressed on a Gaelic Supreme size #1 – 10x long hook. I should have also placed a penny in the image. The gape on the big hook is a full one-inch. The shank length I don’t believe is longer than about 4 or 5xl compared to the gook gape, but my customer wanted a Golden Witch on this hook to go alongside a #1 – 8x long same pattern that I tied for him. He thought it was a Partridge hook, I could not tell.

Giant Golden Witch Streamer. The Colonel Bates below it is dressed on a Gaelic Supreme Streamer hook, size #1 – 10x, 3x stout.

The actual length of this Golden Witch is five-and-a-half inches. Big ‘un!

I used three sections of Danville 4-strand rayon floss, about sixteen inches long to make the body.That’s twelve strands. The peacock herl and bucktail is a little shorter than normal Carrie Stevens streamer specifications, but that was as long as I had. Actually I had peacock herl plenty long enough, but I opted not to make the underwing longer than the belly.

Just for fun, I’m adding: Size does matter. Sometimes. I bet this fly would cast on a tarpon rod, and hook one, too. I also bet that if trolled behind a Rangeley boat, one of those historic eight pound Mooselucmaguntic Lake brook trout would have eaten this fly.