Giant Golden Witch Streamer

I had a special request late last winter to dress a Golden Witch on a large hook a customer provided for me.

For size reference, this Golden Witch is shown above a Colonel Bates that is dressed on a Gaelic Supreme size #1 – 10x long hook. I should have also placed a penny in the image. The gape on the big hook is a full one-inch. The shank length I don’t believe is longer than about 4 or 5xl compared to the gook gape, but my customer wanted a Golden Witch on this hook to go alongside a #1 – 8x long same pattern that I tied for him. He thought it was a Partridge hook, I could not tell.

Giant Golden Witch Streamer. The Colonel Bates below it is dressed on a Gaelic Supreme Streamer hook, size #1 – 10x, 3x stout.

The actual length of this Golden Witch is five-and-a-half inches. Big ‘un!

I used three sections of Danville 4-strand rayon floss, about sixteen inches long to make the body.That’s twelve strands. The peacock herl and bucktail is a little shorter than normal Carrie Stevens streamer specifications, but that was as long as I had. Actually I had peacock herl plenty long enough, but I opted not to make the underwing longer than the belly.

Just for fun, I’m adding: Size does matter. Sometimes. I bet this fly would cast on a tarpon rod, and hook one, too. I also bet that if trolled behind a Rangeley boat, one of those historic eight pound Mooselucmaguntic Lake brook trout would have eaten this fly.

4 comments on “Giant Golden Witch Streamer

  1. Bill says:

    I would also like to see that fly flung about in waters containing muskies and giant pike! I know it would be a shame to have such a beautiful creation get all ripped up, but it would be a spectacular show to watch!

    • Don Bastian says:

      You are right about that Bill…I wouldn’t be so careful if I were tying it for pike and muskies, but they’d be all over his fly! They would probably chase after it even when it was reduced to nothing but floss, torn, trailing ribbing, and a few strands of bucktail.Thanks for your comment!

  2. Kelly L says:

    Love the fly Don. It is a monster! I didn’t know it was that big, until I really studied the comparison to the other fly, in size. Wow. That hog of a fly could probably catch just about anything big enough to swallow it!

    • Don Bastian says:

      “…that hog of a fly…” Ha, ha, ha! 🙂 That’s funny Kelly! I’m glad you like it, and you’re right, “it is a monster.” The biggest fly I ever tied. I once tied a few size 10/0 salmon flies; I had to tie them in-hand because I didn’t have a vise (jaw opening) large enough for it. Thanks for your comment!

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